KitaabNow supplies books & stationery products delivered to your home while you are busy with your studies. We are one of the  largest online stores in Pakistan catering to your reading and educational requirements. KitaabNow is a collection of books you need, books your siblings need; books your children might need delivered to your doorstep at market competitive prices. We offer a comprehensive collection of books, text books, school CoursePacks, stationery items, art supplies, office supplies and to complete the equation, even school uniforms.

KitaabNow also offers printing and binding services of your documents and assignments while ensuring excellence in service and a speedy delivery to your doorstep. Our dedicated team believes in customer satisfaction and a positive user experience. At KitaabNow, quality products coupled with our timely service guarantees a smooth customer experience at market competitive prices.

We at KitaabNow are on a mission to provide a comprehensive collection of books and stationery items for your daily and academic needs. We follow strict protocols to keep our prices very competitive to the market and offer fast delivery services to save you the hassle. Our motto is to be the only name on your mind when you are looking for your reading and educational needs or need a document/assignment printed and delivered to your doorstep.

We believe in the power of knowledge. So our goal is to help those crave it. A place that fosters a culture of reading and connects people with the books they love. We are committed to the cause of literacy. Every person should have the chance to achieve their potential and participate fully in society.

Our vision is to help the spread of education in Pakistan. We aim to help the cause by donating books where they are needed the most. We can’t achieve this on our own, but together we can make a difference. Please visit our contact us page and help us make a little child’s future bright by donating books you don’t need anymore.

We’re more than just a business. We equally consider our customers, our employees, our community, our planet, and the lives changed by our common cause. Through our business we strive to enable people to make sustainable positive changes in this world. Thanks to you, we’re well on our way.


We pride ourselves in stocking a vast collection of academic and leisure reading books


A wide variety of essential stationery supplies for students and professionals

Course Packs

Complete school coursepacks & stationery packs delivered right at your door step

School Uniforms

Fantastic quality & long-lasting uniforms. One less thing for you to worry about!

Print Service

Superior quality printing and binding services for your everyday documents & assignments

KitaabNow Library

A collection of preloved books offered at a nominal service charge