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Advances in Evidence-Based Policing

  • Author: Johannes Knutsson, Lisa Tompson
  • ISBN: 9781138698734
  • Publisher: Routledge Publishing
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: May 5, 2017
  • Format: Hardcover – 248 pages
  • Language: English


The evidence-based policing (EBP) movement has intensified in many countries around the world in recent years, resulting in a proliferation of policies and infrastructure to support such a transformation. This movement has come to be associated with particular methods of evaluation and systematic review, which have been drawn from what is assumed to prevail in medicine.

Given the credibility EBP is currently enjoying with both practitioners and government, it is timely to subject its underpinning logic to thoughtful scrutiny. This involves deliberating upon the meaning of evidence and what different models of knowledge accumulation and research methods have to offer in realising the aims of EBP. The communication and presentation of evidence to practitioner audiences is another important aspect of EBP, as are collaborative efforts to ‘co-produce’ new knowledge on police practice.

This is the first book that takes a kaleidoscopic approach to depict what EBP presently is and how it could develop. The chapters individually and collectively challenge the underlying logic to the mainstream EBP position, and the book concludes with an agenda for a more inclusive conceptualisation of evidence and EBP for the future. It is aimed at students and academics who are interested in being part of this movement, as well as policymakers and practitioners interested in integrating EBP principles into their practices.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The why, what, when and how of evidence-based policing
  3. Reconciling problem-oriented policing and evidence-based policing
  4. Some solutions to the evidence-based crime prevention problem
  5. Multiple research methods for evidence generation
  6. How to morph experience into evidence
  7. Reviewing evidence for evidence-based policing
  8. Evidence-based policing as a disruptive innovation: the global policing database as a disruption tool
  9. The long and winding road: embedding evidence informed policing
  10. Advancing policing by using, producing and diffusing evidence
  11. How to make police-researcher partnerships mutually effective
  12. Research co-production and knowledge mobilisation in policing
  13. Conclusion: A realistic agenda for evidence-based policing
  14. Index

Johannes Knutsson is Professor of Police Research at the Norwegian Police University College. He has been employed at the Swedish National Police Academy and the Swedish National Police Board. He has conducted studies with and for the police for 40 years. Among other publications he has coedited several books on different aspects of policing – Putting Theory to Work: Implementing situational prevention and problem-oriented policing (with Ron Clarke), Evaluating Crime Reduction Initiatives (with Nick Tilley), Police Use of Force: A global perspective (with Joseph Kuhns), Preventing Crowd Violence (with Tamara Madensen) and Applied Police Research: Challenges and opportunities (with Ella Cockbain).

Lisa Tompson is a Lecturer at the UCL Department of Security and Crime Science. As a former police crime intelligence analyst, her work focuses on research which has immediate relevance and benefit to police and crime reduction agencies. She has recently worked on research that underpins the UK’s What Works Centre for Crime Reduction, for which she and the team won a Chief Constable’s commendation in 2015.

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