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Against All Odds:Institution Building In

Against All Odds: Institution Building in the Real World

  • Author: Khalid Aftab
  • ISBN: 9693530365
  • Publisher: Sang-e-Meel Publications
  • Publication Date: April 10, 2017
  • Format: Hardback – 253 pages
  • Language: English


This book contains a candid account of the post-autonomy phase in the 150 years history of the Government College. It shows the readers true picture of the circumstances leading up to the transformation of an old College into a degree-awarding institution and, later, a university with a high ranking by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The story about the formidable challenges of that period and the resolute search for solutions reflect the perceptive vision of the author. This insightful work should be of great value to educationists and administrators. The revealing information contained in the memoir would also have immense appeal for general readers. Against All Odds Institution Building in the Real World’ is a memoir of Professor Khalid Aftab’s long and unique association with the Government College, now G.C. University.

He has been its student, teacher, Chairperson of the Economics Department, Principal, and the founder Vice-Chancellor Professor Aftab’s deep attachment with the GC University Lahore sustained him through thick and thin, thus making it possible to reach some incredible goals of institution building during an important period of its history At the end of a delightful innings, he takes immense satisfaction from a variety of exceptional work done in the service of oldest institution of higher education in Pakistan. In recognition of his outstanding services in the field of education, he was awarded Azaz-e-Fazelat (1994) and Pride of Performance (2002) by the President of Pakistan.

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