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Atlas of Emergency Neurosurgery

  • Edited By: Jamie S. Ullman, Patricia B. Raksin
  • ISBN: 9781604063684
  • Publisher: Thieme Medical Publishers
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: August 6, 2015
  • Format: Hardback – 528 Pages
  • Language: English


A beautifully illustrated neurosurgical atlas covering key emergency procedures.

Atlas of Emergency Neurosurgery, part of the Neurosurgical Operative Atlas Series co-published by Thieme and the AANS, is a step-by-step visual guide to performing surgical procedures used in neurotrauma as well as non-traumatic emergency cases. The chapters address such topics as cerebral trauma and stroke, shunt failure, central nervous system infection, pituitary apoplexy, and reconstructive procedures. Special sections on pediatrics as well as military-related injuries are also included.

Key Features
  • More than 500 beautiful, full-color illustrations help clarify each procedure
  • Contains the most current information on how to perform emergency neurosurgical procedures
  • Concise presentation of procedures gives readers quick, easy access to key information

This atlas is an ideal guide for neurosurgery residents who are participating in emergency procedures while on call and need to deal with operative trauma situations. It is also an excellent practical reference for neurosurgeons performing emergency neurosurgical interventions on a regular basis.


“…lavishly illustrated with numerous large, detailed, color photographs depicting key steps in the procedure, with the prose describing each step kept close on the page. This enables quick reference between the text and the illustrations and serves to expedite rapid review…”

— World Neurosurgery

“It only takes a few page flips to recognize that Atlas of Emergency Neurosurgery is very different; unique is perhaps an understatement…I struggle to find shortcomings of this text, as it does what it sets out to do so well.” 

— Neurosurgery

Table of Contents
  1. Part I Cerebral Trauma and Stroke
    1. Chapter 1: Surgery for Epidural and Subdural Hematomas
    2. Chapter 2: Chronic Subdural Hematomas
    3. Chapter 3: Surgery for Cerebral Contusions of the Frontal and Temporal Lobes, Including Lobar Resection
    4. Chapter 4: Decompressive Hemicraniectomy for Intracranial Hypertension and Stroke, Including Bone Flap Storage in Abdominal Fat Layer
    5. Chapter 5: Surgery for Cerebellar Stroke and Suboccipital Trauma
    6. Chapter 6: Elevation of Depressed Skull Fractures
    7. Chapter 7: Invasive Monitoring Techniques
    8. Chapter 8: Surgical Debridement of Penetrating Injuries
    9. Chapter 9: Management of Traumatic Neurovascular Injuries
    10. Chapter 10: Management of Venous Sinus Injuries
  2. Part II Spinal Emergency Procedures
    1. Chapter 11: Application of Closed Spinal Traction
    2. Chapter 12: Emergency Management of Odontoid Fractures
    3. Chapter 13: Cervical Burst Fractures
    4. Chapter 14: Cervical Facet Dislocation
    5. Chapter 15: Classification and Treatment of Thoracic Fractures
    6. Chapter 16: Thoracolumbar Factures
    7. Chapter 17: Spinal Epidural Compression
    8. Chapter 18: Treatment of Acute Cauda Equina Syndrome
  3. Part III Nontraumatic Emergencies
    1. Chapter 19: Removal of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhages
    2. Chapter 20: Surgery for Acute Intracranial Infection
    3. Chapter 21: Ventricular Shunt Malfunction
    4. Chapter 22: Pituitary Apoplexy
  4. Part IV Emergency Operations in Combat
    1. Chapter 23: Combat Cranial Operations
    2. Chapter 24: Combat-Associated Penetrating Spine Injury
  5. Part V Reconstructive Surgery
    1. Chapter 25: Replacement of Cranial Bone Flap
    2. Chapter 26: Techniques of Alloplastic Cranioplasty
    3. Chapter 27: Surgery for Frontal Sinus Injuries
  6. Part VI Surgical Considerations in Pediatric Emergency Neurosurgery
    1. Chapter 28: Special Considerations in the Surgical Management of Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
    2. Chapter 29: Special Considerations in Pediatric Cervical Spine Injury
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