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Bedside Techniques: Methods Of Clinical Examamination

  • Author: Muhammad Inayatullah
  • ISBN: 9789696375258
  • Publisher: Paramount Books
  • Edition: 5th
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Format: Paperback – 232 pages
  • Language: English

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Bedside Techniques: Methods of Clinical Examination is a distinguished book, explaining the causes, symptoms and physical signs specifically preferring local prevalence of diseases. The sequence of description in this book is in accordance with the local teaching practices and the methods have been described in simple language. A large number of illustrations have been included to help reader understand various examination techniques. This book provides essential information required by undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Table of Contents
  1. 1. History Taking 1
  2. 2. Physical Examination 13
  3. 3. Cardiovascular System 29
  4. 4. Respiratory System 73
  5. 5. Alimentary and Genito-Urinary System 92
  6. 6. Nervous System 116
  7. 7. Pediatric Clinical Examination 187
  8. 8. How To Present A Case? 209
  9. 9. Normal Values 213
  10. Index 214
Author Biography

Dr. Mohammad Inayatullah is currently serving as a Professor of Medicine at Nishtar Medical College, Multan. He is also a fellow and Master of Royal College of Physicians, London. He has authored two other books Essentials of Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Guide.


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