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Belt Online Kindergarten Red Pack

  • ISBN: 9789606982231
  • Publisher: MM Publications
  • Format: Paperback –
  • Language: English

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Belt Online is the ideal companion for the English language learner and a valuable supplement to any English language teaching course. Covers all the essential areas of foreign language acquisition: reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Introduces and develops the English language according to a spiral, topic-based syllabus where meaning, grammar, and communicative purposes are woven together. Presents language in a context that can and should be linked with the lives and experiences of the learners and even expanded on. Belt kindergarten includes a wide range of exciting activities for Kindergarten levels. Belt Kindergarten aims to make the task of learning the language as enjoyable and easy as possible for both young learners and teachers. The vocabulary and language structures are presented through these adventures and are practiced through a wide range of activities like games and songs.


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