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Bonney’s Gynaecological Surgery (12th Edition)

  • Author: Tito Lopes, Nick M. Spirtos, Paul Hilton, John M. Monaghan
  • ISBN: 9781119266785
  • Publisher: Wiley Publishing
  • Edition: 12th
  • Publication Date: September 4, 2018
  • Format: Hardback – 384 Pages
  • Language: English

From the Back Cover


Bonney’s Gynaecological Surgery has been a firm favourite for gynaecological surgical practice since 1911. Specifically tailored for trainees in obstetrics and gynaecology, the text focuses on the most commonly performed procedures. The 12th edition has been brought right up to date for the current trainee or junior consultant gynaecological surgeon. It places greater emphasis on fundamental clinical skills, offers major updates on laparoscopic and robotic surgery; the urogynaecology chapters are also completely re-written and illustrated. Each chapter follows a consistent plan, guiding the reader through each procedure from anatomy and indications to post-op considerations and complications.

Beginning with a general introduction to the subject, Bonney’s Gynaecological Surgery, 12th Edition teaches readers all about preparing for surgery. It covers the instruments and operative materials needed for surgery, opening and closing the abdominal cavity, the laparoscopic approach, and postoperative care. The book then moves on to operating on every area, including the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and more. It also covers the many types of cancer that strike at these regions. The text is also accompanied by surgical illustrations of unparalleled quality, ensuring that this volume will remain a valuable resource for all clinicians specializing in gynaecological surgery.

  • Classic standard since 1911
  • Updated information on laparoscopic and robotic surgery
  • Greater emphasis on fundamental clinical skills with additional tips and surgical ‘pearls of wisdom’ for the trainee

Bonney’s Gynaecological Surgery, 12th Edition is an important text for obstetrician-gynaecologists in training as well as for those already in practice.

Table of Contents
  1. Preface, vii
  2. Part 1: General
    1. 1 Introduction and prologue, 3
    2. 2 Preparation for surgery, 7
    3. 3 Instruments, operative materials and basic surgical techniques, 17
    4. 4 Opening and closing the abdominal cavity, 33
    5. 5 The laparoscopic approach in gynaecology, 45
    6. 6 Postoperative care and complications, 55
  3. Part 2: Anatomical
    1. For the general gynaecologist and gynaecologist in training
    2. 7 Operations on the vulva, 63
    3. 8 Operations on the vagina, 71
    4. 9 Operations on the cervix, 83
    5. 10 Operations on the uterine cavity, 101
    6. 11 Operations on the uterus, 107
    7. 12 Uterine fibroids, 127
    8. 13 Operations on the fallopian tubes, 135
    9. 14 Operations on the ovaries, 141
    10. 15 Caesarean section, 147
  4. Part 3: Urogynaecology
    1. 16 Operations for pelvic organ prolapse, 161
    2. 17 Operations for urinary incontinence, 193
    3. 18 Operations for urogenital fistulae, 231
  5. Part 4: Oncology
    1. 19 Surgery for carcinoma of the vulva, 269
    2. 20 Vaginal cancer surgery, 281
    3. 21 Cervical cancer, 285
    4. 22 Uterine cancer, 309
    5. 23 Ovarian cancer, 313
    6. 24 Exenterative surgery, 319
  6. Part 5: Operations on other organs
    1. 25 Vascular surgery: applications in gynaecology and gynaecological oncology, 331
    2. 26 Management of injuries to the urinary tract, 335
    3. 27 Operations on the intestinal tract for the gynaecologist, 349
    4. 28 Reconstructive procedures, 361
  7. Index, 365
Author(s) Biography

Alberto (Tito) de Barros Lopes, MB ChB, FRCOG, Honorary Clinical Senior Research Fellow, University of Exeter Medical School; Retired Consultant Gynaecological Oncologist, Northern Gynaecological Oncology Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, UK; Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, UK.

Nick M. Spirtos, MD, FACOG, Clinical Professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Medicine and Medical Director, Women’s Cancer Center of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Paul Hilton, MD, FRCOG, Guest Clinical Senior Lecturer, Newcastle University; Retired Consultant Gynaecologist & Urogynaecologist, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

John M. Monaghan, MB, FRCS (Ed), FRCOG, Retired Senior Lecturer in Gynaecological Oncology, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; Retired Gynaecological Oncologist, Regional Department of Gynaecological Oncology Queen Elizabeth Hospital Gateshead, UK.

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