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Business Statistics, Global Edition

  • Authors: Norean Sharpe, Richard De Veaux, Paul Velleman
  • ISBN: 9781292058696
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • Format: Paperback – 976 pages
  • Language: English


Business Statistics, Third Edition, by Sharpe, De Veaux, and Velleman, narrows the gap between theory and practice-relevant statistical methods empower business students to make effective, data-informed decisions. With their unique blend of teaching, consulting, and entrepreneurial experiences, this dynamic author team brings a modern edge to teaching statistics to business students. Focusing on statistics in the context of real business issues, with an emphasis on analysis and understanding over computation, the text helps students be analytical, prepares them to make better business decisions, and shows them how to effectively communicate results.

Table of Contents
  1. Preface
  2. Index of Applications
  3. Data and Decisions (E-Commerce)
  4. Data and Decisions
  5. Variable Types
  6. Data Sources: Where, How, and When
  7. Ethics in Action
  8. Technology Help: Data on the Computer
  9. Brief Case: Credit Card Bank
  10. Displaying and Describing Categorical Data (Keen, Inc.)
  11. Summarizing a Categorical Variable
  12. Displaying a Categorical Variable
  13. Exploring Two Categorical Variables: Contingency Tables
  14. Segmented Bar Charts and Mosaic Plots
  15. Simpson’s Paradox
  16. Ethics in Action
  17. Technology Help: Displaying Categorical Data on the Computer
  18. Brief Case: Credit Card Bank
  19. Displaying and Describing Quantitative Data (AIG)
  20. Displaying Quantitative Variables
  21. Shape
  22. Center
  23. Spread of the Distribution
  24. Shape, Center, and Spread-A Summary
  25. Standardizing Variables
  26. Five-Number Summary and Boxplots
  27. Comparing Groups,
  28. Identifying Outliers,
  29. Time Series Plots
  30. Transforming Skewed Data
  31. Ethics in Action
  32. Technology Help: Displaying and Summarizing Quantitative Variables
  33. Brief Cases: Detecting the Housing Bubble and Socio-Economic Data on States
  34. Correlation and Linear Regression (
  35. Looking at Scatterplots
  36. Assigning Roles to Variables in Scatterplots
  37. Understanding Correlation
  38. Lurking Variables and Causation
  39. The Linear Model
  40. Correlation and the Line
  41. Regression to the Mean
  42. Checking the Model
  43. Variation in the Model and R2
  44. Reality Check: Is the Regression Reasonable?
  45. Nonlinear Relationships
  46. Ethics in Action
  47. Technology Help: Correlation and Regression
  48. Brief Cases: Fuel Efficiency, Cost of Living, and Mutual Funds
  49. Case Study I: Paralyzed Veterans of America
  50. Randomness and Probability (Credit Reports and the Fair Isaacs Corporation)
  51. Random Phenomena and Probability
  52. The Nonexistent Law of Averages
  53. Different Types of Probability
  54. Probability Rules
  55. Joint Probability and Contingency Tables
  56. Conditional Probability
  57. Constructing Contingency Tables
  58. Probability Trees
  59. Reversing the Conditioning: Bayes’ Rule
  60. Ethics in Action
  61. Technology Help: Generating Random Numbers
  62. Brief Case
  63. Random Variables and Probability Models (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company)
  64. Expected Value of a Random Variable
  65. Standard Deviation of a Random Variable
  66. Properties of Expected Values and Variances
  67. Bernoulli Trials
  68. Discrete Probability Models
  69. Ethics in Action
  70. Technology Help: Random Variables and Probability Models
  71. Brief Case: Investment Options
  72. The Normal and other Continuous Distributions (The NYSE)
  73. The Standard Deviation as a Ruler
  74. The Normal Distribution
  75. Normal Probability Plots
  76. The Distribution of Sums of Normals
  77. The Normal Approximation for the Binomial
  78. The Other Continuous Random Variables
  79. Ethics in Action
  80. Technology Help: Probability Calculations and Plots
  81. Brief Case
  82. Surveys and Sampling (Roper Polls)
  83. Three Ideas of Sampling
  84. Populations and Paramete
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