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Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Coursebook with CD-ROM (2nd Edition)

  • Author: David Sang, Graham Jones, Gurinder Chadha, Richard Woodside
  • ISBN: 9781107697690
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Format: Paperback – 565 pages
  • Language: English


Fully revised and updated content matching the Cambridge International AS & A Level Physics syllabus (9702).

Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations, Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Coursebook, comprehensively covers all the knowledge and skills students need for AS/A Level Physics 9702 (first examination 2016).

Written by renowned experts in Physics, Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics Coursebook is written in an accessible style with international learners in mind. The Coursebook is easy to navigate with colour-coded sections to differentiate between AS and A Level content. Self-assessment questions allow learners to track their progression and exam-style questions help learners to prepare thoroughly for their examinations. Contemporary contexts are discussed throughout enhancing the relevance and interest for learners. Mac users please note that CD-ROMS don’t autostart when used with Macs they will need to be started manually. If you have any queries please visit our customer support page or contact customer services.

Key Features
  • Fully tailored to the new AS and A Level syllabus for first teaching 2014 and first examination in 2016, including the new Key Concepts material.
  • Consistent use of thorough Worked Examples to help learners to tackle complex content in a step by step way.
  • Clearly colour-coded sections throughout differentiate between AS and A Level content, making navigation through the text simple and intuitive.
  • Formative assessment in the form of self assessment questions throughout each chapter allow learners to track their progress through the course.
  • Exam-style questions at the end of every chapter allow students to prepare thoroughly for their examinations.
  • Accompanying student CD-ROM containing detailed answers to all questions in the book, advice on revision and approaching examinations and recommendations of additional resources to supplement learning.
  • Reference to contemporary contexts and applications throughout to increase the relevance of the content to learners.
  • Use of accessible language written with international learners in mind.
  • New digital versions of our textbooks are coming in 2015 and will offer an enriched learning experience through material such as animation, video and audio content, and/or self-marking quiz, assessment questions and personalisation of table of contents.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Kinematics – describing motion
  3. Accelerated motion
  4. Dynamics – explaining motion
  5. Forces – vectors and moments
  6. Work, energy and power
  7. Momentum
  8. Matter and materials
  9. Electric fields
  10. Electric current, potential difference and resistance
  11. Kirchhoff’s laws
  12. Resistance and resistivity
  13. Practical circuits
  14. Waves
  15. Superposition of waves
  16. Stationary waves
  17. Radioactivity
  18. P1. Practical skills at AS level
  19. Circular motion
  20. Gravitational fields
  21. Oscillations
  22. Communications systems
  23. Thermal physics
  24. Ideal gases
  25. Coulomb’s law
  26. Capacitance
  27. Electronics
  28. Magnetic fields and electromagnetism
  29. Charged particles
  30. Electromagnetic induction
  31. Alternating currents
  32. Quantum physics
  33. Nuclear physics
  34. Medical imaging
  35. P2. Planning, analysis and evaluation
  36. Appendix 1. Physical quantities and units
  37. Appendix 2. Data, formulae and relationships
  38. Appendix 3. The Periodic Table
  39. Glossary.
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