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Chronic Illness Care: Principles and Practice

  • Edited By: Timothy P. Daaleman, Margaret R. Helton
  • ISBN: 9783319718118
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: April 23, 2018
  • Format: Hardback – 575 pages
  • Language: English


This book offers a comprehensive overview to chronic illness care, which is the coordinated, comprehensive, and sustained response to chronic diseases and conditions by a range of health care providers, formal and informal caregivers, healthcare systems, and community-based resources. Using an ecological framework, which looks at the interdependent influences between individuals and their larger environment, this unique text examines chronic illness care at multiple levels and includes sections on the individual influences on chronic illness, the role of family and social networks, and how chronic care is provided across the spectrum of health care settings; from home to clinic to the emergency department to hospital and residential care facilities.

The book describes the organizational frameworks and strategies that are needed to provide quality care for chronically ill patients, including behavioral health, care management, transitions of care, and health information technology. The book also addresses the changing workforce needs in health care, and the fiscal models and policies that will be required to meet the needs of this population, with a focus on sustaining the ongoing transformation in health care. This book acts as a major reference for practitioners and students in medicine, nursing, social work, allied health, and behavioral medicine, as well as stakeholders in public health, health policy, and population health. 

Key Features
  • Offers practicing physicians and health care professionals a general guide on caring for patients with chronic illness
  • Uses an ecological perspective to examine multiple levels that impact chronic illness care, from administrative concerns to a patient’s family
  • Includes guidelines on how to work within a team of care professionals to maximize patient care
Table of Contents
  1. Genetic Contributions and Personalized Medicine
  2. Race, Ethnicity, and Cultural Influences
  3. Chronic Disease Self-Management
  4. Tobacco Use and Dependence
  5. Promoting Physical Activity
  6. Diet and Weight Management
  7. Alcohol and Drug Use Disorders
  8. Quality of Life and Patient-Centered Outcomes
  9. Family and Other Caregivers
  10. Domestic Violence, Abuse, and Neglect
  11. Peer Support
  12. Government Agencies and Community-Based Organizations
  13. Screening for Chronic Disease
  14. Medication Management and Treatment Adherence
  15. Patient-Provider Communication and Interactions
  16. Ambulatory Care
  17. Emergency Care
  18. Acute Hospital Care
  19. Acute Rehabilitation Care
  20. Nursing Home Care
  21. Community Care Alternatives for Older Adults
  22. Home Care
  23. End-of-Life Care
  24. Special Population: Children and Adolescents
  25. Special Population: Older Adults
  26. Special Population: Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  27. Vulnerable Populations
  28. Patient-Centered Medical Home
  29. Integrated Behavioral Health Care
  30. Transitions of Care
  31. Care Management
  32. Team-Based Care
  33. Direct Primary Care and Concierge Practice
  34. Health Information Technology
  35. Quality Improvement
  36. Social Determinants of Health
  37. Environmental Determinants of Health
  38. The Life Course.- Medicare
  39. Medicaid
  40. Value-Based Payment Models
  41. Population Health
  42. Health Care Workforce
  43. International Perspectives
  44. Future Directions in Chronic Illness Care
Editors Biography

Timothy P. Daaleman, DO, MPH, Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Margaret R. Helton, MD, Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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