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Clinical Examination in Ophthalmology

  • Author: P. K. Mukherjee
  • ISBN: 9788131244630
  • Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publication Date: July 26, 2016
  • Format: Paperback – 418 Pages
  • Language: English

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Revised and updated version of the last edition keeping its clear and systematic style intact with complimentary access to e-book with digital resources like MCQs, videos, animations.

Key Features
  • A new chapter on Nystagmus
  • Revised & updated topics enriched with additional photographs, figures and diagrams
  • Many disorders that were listed just by name in the last edition have been given small description for ready reference.
  • Complimentary access to e-book with digital resources:
    • University and PGMEE patterned MCQs
    • Procedure videos and animations
  • In-depth discussion of signs, symptoms and history taking
  • Practical tips and points useful in day-to-day clinical practice
  • Highlights applied anatomical and physiological principles underlining each procedure
  • Systematic presentation of information – each chapter devoted to specific system of eye
Table of Contents
  1. Symptomatology and History Taking
  2. Examination of Vision and Recording of Visual Acuity
  3. Examination of Eyes Under Diffuse Light
  4. Examination of Eyes Under Focal Illumination
  5. Examination of the Lid
  6. Evaluation of a Case of Ptosis
  7. Examination of the Lacrimal System
  8. Examination of the Conjunctiva
  9. Examination of the Globe, Cornea and Sclera
  10. Evaluation of an Eye with Disorder of Tear Film
  11. Examination of Anterior Chamber
  12. Examination of Iris, Ciliary Body and Choroid
  13. Examination of Lens and Evaluation of an Eye for Lens Extraction
  14. Measurement of Intraocular Tension
  15. Examination of Eyes with Abnormal Intraocular Tension
  16. Examination of the Eyes Requiring Optical Correction
  17. Examination of a Case of Squint
  18. Neurological Examination of the Pupil
  19. Examination of the Orbit and Radiology of Ophthalmic Interest
  20. Examination of Retina and Macula
  21. Examination of Vitreous
  22. Examination of the Optic Nerve and the Visual Pathway
  23. Examination of Eyes in Paediatric Age
  24. Examination of an Eye with Nystagmus
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