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Clinical Handbook of Air Pollution-Related Diseases

  • Edited By: Fabio Capello, Antonio Vittorino Gaddi
  • ISBN: 9783319627304
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: March 12, 2018
  • Format: Hardback – 679 pages
  • Language: English


This book examines in detail the clinical implications of those diseases that either are primarily triggered by air pollution or represent direct consequences of air pollutants. The aim is to provide medical practitioners with practical solutions to issues in diagnosis and treatment while simultaneously furnishing other interested parties with crucial information on the field. The book introduces the concept that air pollution-related diseases constitute a new class of pathologies. A wide range of conditions mainly attributable to air pollution are discussed, covering different body systems and pollution impacts in subsets of the population. In addition to presenting state of the art overviews of clinical aspects, the book carefully examines the implications of current knowledge for social and public health strategies aimed at disease prevention and prophylaxis. The Clinical Handbook of Air Pollution-Related Diseases will greatly assist doctors and healthcare workers when dealing with the consequences of air pollution in their everyday practice and will provide researchers, industry, and policymakers with valuable facts and insights.

Key Features
  • Introduces the concept of “air pollution-related diseases” as a new class of pathologies
  • Provides state of the art overviews of clinical impacts on different body systems and in population subsets
  • Equips practitioners to deal with the issues that arise in everyday practice
  • Presents crucial information for researchers, industry, and policymakers
Table of Contents
  1. PART 1
    1. Pollution and Air Pollution Related Diseases: an overview
    2. Physical and chemical basis of the air pollution
    3. Environment/climate Air Pollution
    4. Geographical distribution of main pollutants
    5. Air pollution in high-medium-low income settings
    6. Outdoor pollution
    7. Indoor pollution
    8. Air pollution and human health
    9. Clinical issues and pollution
    10. Ethical implications of air pollution
  2. PART 2
    1. Pollution as risk factor for acute/chronic and fatal/non fatal events
    2. Pollution effects across the lifespan
    3. Pollution in infancy, childhood and young adults
    4. Pollution in elderly
    5. Pollution and gender
    6. Pollution and family life
    7. Co-morbidity of air pollution related diseases
    8. Pollutants – drugs – radiations interactions and human health
    9. Genetic and air pollution
    10. Psychology issues of air pollution and its impact on individual and families
  3. PART 3
    1. Basic principles of pollution diseases’ classification
    2. Air pollution and the nervous system
    3. Air pollution and cardiovascular diseases
    4. Air pollution and respiratory diseases
    5. Air pollution and gastrointestinal diseases
    6. Air pollution and eye diseases
    7. Air pollution and odontostomatological diseases
    8. Air pollution, allergy and atopic diseases
    9. Air pollution and skin disease
    10. Air pollution and endocrine-disrupting compounds
    11. Air pollution and cancer
    12. Chronic and systemic disease related to Air Pollution
    13. Air pollution effects in pregnancy
    14. Air pollution effects and reproduction
    15. Air pollution and organs and system development
  4. PART 4
    1. Complexity in pollution/disease management
    2. Models for pollutant and disease monitoring
    3. Basic principles of disease prophylaxis and prevention
    4. Basic principles for treatment of air pollution related diseases
    5. Basic characteristics of anti pollution devices and PPE
    6. Social and cultural strategies for prevention
    7. An anthropological approach for prevention
    8. Air pollution prevention and society
    9. Economic issues in air pollution prevention
    10. Main actions and possible claims against pollution
  5. Conclusions
Editors Biography

Fabio Capello is medical doctor, with a specialization in Pediatrics and a Master in Journalism and Science Communication. Currently works in the UK as medical doctor, medical editor and writer. He previously worked in Angola for several years for the charity Doctors for Africa. For Springer he is Editor of the series “TELe-Health”, covering diverse aspects of tele-health – preventive, promotive, and curative – and exploring the full potential of the new and exciting technological solutions. His main field of interest are: projects of international cooperation in developing countries; tropical medicine with a special focus on pediatrics, malnutrition and acute severe malnutrition in children, infectious disease (including malaria, TB, HIV); eHealth and telemedicine; physics and advanced technological devices applied to health; science communication and medical education; child care and wellbeing; air pollution and ecology.

Antonio V. Gaddi is medical doctor, with specialization in Cardiology and Geriatrics, PhD in Experimental Medicine, Past President of Undergraduate Course in Medicine and Surgery at Bologna University, where he was Professor of Internal Medicine until 2012. Currently working at the EuroGenLab & Caravelli Laboratory (Bologna) and as Director of the International Study Center of the Italian Society of Telemedicine (Rome). His work and research activity mainly focuses on the following topics: system medicine’s approaches to complexity; medical education; prevention of pollution-related diseases; diagnosis and prevention of complex metabolic diseases; arteriosclerosis.

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