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Common Pain Conditions: A Clinical Guide to Natural Treatment

  • Authors: Marc S. Micozzi, Sebhia Dibra
  • ISBN: 9780323413701
  • Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: December 21, 2016
  • Format: Paperback – 632 pages
  • Language: English


Learn to treat pain naturally using evidence-based therapies with Micozzi’s Common Pain Conditions: A Clinical Guide to Natural Treatments. This groundbreaking title provides in-depth information on current natural pain therapies that utilize the latest 21st scientific ideas, including the role of energy in medicine. Each chapter provides content on the biology and neuroscience, as well as social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of each natural treatment approach along with clinical data and pragmatic information about healing pain using these treatments. Whether your patients are suffering from anxiety, arthritis, back pain, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, migraine and tension headaches, phantom pain, post-traumatic stress, ulcers, or just general chronic pain and inflammatory conditions, this book offers the insights and evidence-based guidance you need to successfully treat pain naturally.

Key Features
  • Coverage of safe and effective natural treatments for common pain conditions provides a wide variety of options for treating the conditions that practitioners most encounter in practice.
  • Evidence-based approach focuses on natural treatments best supported by clinical trials and scientific evidence.
  • Experienced medical educator and author Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD, lends extensive experience researching natural therapies.
  • Case studies illustrate specific points and provide clinical applications for added context.
  • Sidebars and in-text boxes feature supplementary, brief background and observations in addition to covering specific topics in detail, and to help introduce complex and challenging topics.
  • Psychometric Evaluation interactive appendix aids in matching each patient to the right, individualized specific remedies.
  • Suggested readings and references for each chapter provide great resources for further research.
Table of Contents
  1. Section I. Fundamentals and Basic Sciences
    1. The Problem of Pain and Pain Management: Why natural alternatives are needed
    2. Bioenergetic Foundations of Pain & Inflammation
    3. Geophysical and Biophysical Energy in Pain & Inflammation
    4. Brain Biology and Neuroscience
  2. Section II.  Mind-Body Medicine  
    1. The Mind, Meditation and Mindfulness
    2. Stress Management, Relaxation and Biofeedback Therapies
    3. Mental Imagery, Visualization and Hypnosis
    4. Mental and Spiritual Healing, and Spiritually-Based Rapid Healing
  3. Section III.  Energy Healing, Hand-Mediated & Biophysical Approaches
    1. Energy Medicine and Healing Touch
    2. Electro-Magnetic Therapies: Electricity and Magnetism
    3. EM Therapies: Light and Phototherapies
    4. Spinal Manual Therapy and Chiropractic
    5. Massage, Manual Therapies and Bodywork
  4. Section IV.  Asian Medical Systems
    1. Foundations of Chinese and East Asian Medicine
    2. Acupuncture and Moxibustion
    3. East Asian Manual & Movement Therapies, Part One: Acupressure, Jin Shin Do, Reflexology, Qi Gong, Tui Na
    4. East Asian Manual and Movement Therapies, Part Two: Reiki, Shiatsu
    5. Ayurveda and Traditional Treatments of India
    6. Yoga and Breathing
  5. Section V.  Natural Remedies for Pain, Inflammation and Diseases of Chronic Inflammation
    1. Nutrition and Hydration, Part One: Vitamin and Mineral Micronutrients
    2. Nutrition and Hydration, Part Two: Micronutrient Deficiencies
    3. Nutrition and Hydration, Part Three: Pain Management with Micronutrients
    4. Plant –Based Treatments, Part One: Herbal Remedies
    5. Plant-Based Treatments, Part Two:  Aromatherapy and Plant Essential Oils
  6. Appendix:  Psychometric Evaluation of Pain
Author Biography

Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC; Former Director, Center for Integrative Medicine, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA; former Executive Director of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and Sebhia Dibra

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