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Computer Simulation of Electronic Circuits

  • Author: R. Raghuram
  • ISBN: 9789386418265
  • Publisher: New Age International
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2018
  • Format: Hardback – 260 pages
  • Language: English


This book on a very topical subject is aimed at engineers who either use or develop CAD tools for circuit design, be it at the discrete device level or at the LSI/VLSI level. The book is unique in the sense that it covers analog circuit simulation, device models, logic simulation and fault simulation. These topics traditionally belong to different areas of Electrical Engineering and are therefore not covered in one book. However, a person doing circuit design on a computer today needs to know all aspects of the simulation. This book attempts to satisfy this need. Many examples of programs as well as applications are given. Every chapter contains solved as well as unsolved problems. In addition, programming assignments are included. Mathematics has been kept to a minimum and an intuitive approach has been taken.

The background required is that of final year undergraduate in Electrical Engineering. It is expected that much of this material would percolate down to more basic courses in future years.

Table of Contents
  • Introduction and Overview
  • DC Analysis of Linear Networks
  • Solution of Simultaneous Linear Algebraic Equations
  • DC Analysis of Non-Linear Circuits
  • Transient Analysis of Linear and Non-Linear Circuits
  • Models for Common Semiconductor Devices
  • Implementation and Use of a General Purpose Circuit Analysis Program Like SPICE
  • Logic Simulation
  • Relaxation Based Methods for Transient Analysis
  • Sensitivity and Optimisation
  • Index
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