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Dollar Gel-1 Gel Pen – Pack of 12

  • Gel ink
  • 0.7mm Needle tip
  • Comfortable GRIP
  • Attractive Design
  • Minimal Smudging and Highly Water-Resistant Ink
  • Available in Blue, Black, Green & Red

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A document-class gel pen that meets even the toughest of the documentary standards. Thanks to the ultra ink technology, the writings remain legible and are tamper-evident.

Contemporary design and sleek finishes make Gel 1 the Gel pen of choice. The documents written with Dollar’s Gel-1:- – Will be timeless and remain clearly legible for decades, – Will not fade away when archived, – Will be tamper-evident against any modifications, washing or even chemical fixing All these strong security features are presented in a friendly design, that gives an immense pleasure to write with.

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Black, Blue, Green, Red


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