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Engineering Electromagnetics (8th Edition)

  • Author: W.H. Hayt, J.A. Buck, Jaleel M. Akhtar
  • ISBN: 9789339203276
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
  • Edition: 8th
  • Publication Date: July 25, 2015
  • Format: Paperback – 632 pages
  • Language: English


Engineering Electromagnetics (With CD) 8th Edition, authored by W. H. Hayt, J. A. Buck and M. Jaleel Akhtar, is a book that provides students with an in-depth analysis of electrostatics and magnetostatics.

The much awaited revision of engineering electromagnetics is finally here. The current edition is now useful for a full-fledged two-semester course on electromagnetics and is as well-suited for the communications engineer as for the electrical engineer. The focus of the adaptation has been on the electrodynamics part and the topics related to transmission lines. The practical aspects of the subject under study have been thoroughly implied in the revision. In spite of the revision, however, in carrying out the changes, special attention has been paid to retain the original flavor of the text so that the patrons of this well beloved text find it simple to make the transition from 7e.


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