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Essential Orthopedics: Principles & Practice (2 Volumes)

  • Author: Manish Kumar Varshney
  • ISBN: 9789352501755
  • Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: March 1, 2016
  • Format: Hardback – 2056 Pages
  • Language: English


The book titled Essential Orthopedics (Principles and Practice) (2 Volumes) delved into various countenance of principles and practices in the field of orthopedics. Like other medical faculties, field of orthopedics is also an emergent branch. The endeavors of pioneers in the field gave confinement to orthopedics that aggrandizes to become most supported surgical branches to new applicants in postgraduation.

The textbook comprehends schemes that are acknowledged presently for diverse orthopedic stipulations, which will facilitate enthusiastic surgeon to accustom with substitutes accessible for meticulous conditions. This book gives an insight to orthopedic surgeon into the fundamental disciplines of new molecular markers that are used for diagnosis of disarrays appropriately and fast as potential for management of some of these disarrays also lie in molecular echelon using micro instruments like nanotechnology and gene therapy.

Divided into twelve sections, this two volume set begins with sections covering bone anatomy, physiology, pathology and diseases, followed by joint structure and function, synovial joint disorders, and basic sciences in orthopaedics, with subsequent sections covering more specific topics such as paediatric orthopaedics and sports medicine. Principles and practice for shoulder, hip, spine, hand, foot and ankle are covered in later sections.

Essential Orthopedics: Principles & Practice includes all modern research methodologies, such as biostatistics, advanced imaging and gene therapy. Enhanced by 2000 full colour illustrations this is a comprehensive resource for all interns, residents and orthopaedic surgeons.

Key Features
  • Extensive illustrated guide to orthopaedics across two volumes
  • Covers anatomy, physiology, pathology and basic sciences
  • Separate sections on paediatric orthopaedics and sports medicine
  • Covers orthopaedics by anatomical region
  • 2000 full colour illustrations
Table of Contents
  1. Section 1: Bone anatomy, physiology, pathology and diseases
  2. Section 2: Joint structure, function and synovial joint disorders
  3. Section 3: Basic Sciences
  4. Section 4: Surgical and medical complications of fractures
  5. Section 5: Paediatric Orthopaedics
  6. Section 6: Sports Medicine
  7. Section 7: Regional Orthopaedics – Shoulder
  8. Section 8: Regional Orthopaedics – Hip
  9. Section 9: Foot and Ankle Disorders
  10. Section 10: Regional Orthopaedics – Spine
  11. Section 11: Regional Orthopaedics – Hand and Upper Extremity
  12. Section 12: General Topics
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