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Essentials Of Clinical Geriatrics

Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics (8th Edition)

  • Authors: Robert Kane, Joseph Ouslander, Barbara Resnick, Michael Malone
  • ISBN: 9781260084443
  • Publisher: McGraw Hill Education
  • Edition: 8th
  • Publication Date: November 4, 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 568 pages
  • Language: English

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The leading introductory textbook on geriatrics – completely updated and revised

Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics is an engagingly written, up-to-date introductory guide to the core topics in geriatric medicine. Since 1984, its goal has remained unchanged: to help clinicians do a better job of caring for their older patients. You will find thorough and authoritative coverage of all the important issues in geriatrics, along with concise, practical guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of the diseases and disorders most commonly encountered in an elderly patient.

Presented in full-color, this classic features a strong focus on the field’s must-know concepts, from the nature of clinical aging to differential diagnosis of important geriatric syndromes to drug therapy and health services. The Eighth Edition has been completely revised to provide the most current updates on the assessment and management of geriatric care.

Key Features
  • Numerous tables and figures that summarize conditions, values, mechanisms, therapeutics, and more
  • Thorough coverage of preventive services and disease screening
  • Eight chapters devoted to general management strategies
  • Important chapters on ethical issues and palliative care
  • Appendix of Internet resources on geriatrics

Essentials of Clinical Geriatrics, Eighth Edition is the best resource available to help healthcare professionals provide the innovative, cost-effective, and person-centered care that older people and their caregivers deserve.

Table of Contents
  1. Clinical Implications of the Aging Process
    1. Frailty
  2. The Geriatric Patient: Demography and Health Services Utilization
  3. Evaluation of the Geriatric Patient
    1. Pre-op
  4. Communicating with geriatric patients
  5. Chronic Disease Management*
    1. Multi-morbidity
    2. Geriatric practice models
    3. Person-centered care
  6. Prevention in the Geriatric Population
    1. Prevention of disability/exercise – physical, mental
    2. Primary (vaccines, diet, etc), secondary, and tertiary
    3. The role of calculating prognosis (e.g. ePrognosis) in deciding about preventive practices such as colonoscopy, breast screening)
    4. Prevention of infections in LTC (we are lacking a focus on infections – major geriatric issue – can include in Nursing Home Care chapter as well)
  7. Confusion: Delirium and Dementia
    1. Hypoactive delirium
  8. Depression
  9. Incontinence
  10. Falls
    1. Role of environment
  11. Immobility
    1. Muscular and skeletal pain (include polymyalgia, DJD management)
    2. Non-pharmacologic pain management
    3. Complications – e.g. treatment of DVT
    4. Update on osteoporosis, measuring Vitamin D, bone mineral density, and treatments
  12. Cardiovascular Disease
    1. BP SPRINT Trial
    2. Overtreatment of HTN causing complications- risk vs. benefit – individualizing care
    3. Effects – or lack thereof on treating HTN on cognition
    4. Treatment of hyperlipidemia
    5. Management of A Fib – with discussion of anticoagulation in patients at risk for falls and risks and benefits of newer anticoagulants
  13. Frailty, Failure to Thrive, and Common Metabolic Problems
    1. Assessing frailty ( 2 definitions)
    2. Failure to thrive
    3. Alcohol and substance abuse
    4. Sarcopenia
    5. Metabolic problems (sorting out all the new medications for diabetes, importance of preventing hypoglycemia; management of hypo and hyperthyroidism)
    6. CKD (there are a lot of new data; should mention role of dialysis and transplant issues)
    7. Neuropathy
  14. Sensory Function and Impairment
    1. Role of cochlear implants
    2. Treatment of AMD
  15. Drugs
  16. High Value Health Services in the Geriatric Population
    1. Quality/ACOVE
    2. Value-based purchasing
    3. Bundling
    4. ACOs
    5. Teams
    6. HCBS
    7. Caregivers
  17. Nursing Home Care
  18. Ethics
    1. Neglect and abuse awareness
  19. Palliative Care
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