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Fundamentals of Database System (7th Edition)

  • Author: Elmasri Ramez, Navathe Shamkant
  • ISBN: 9789673498413
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • Edition: 7th
  • Publication Date: March 17, 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 1272 pages
  • Language: English


Pearson introduces the seventh edition of its best seller on database systems by Elmasri and Navathe. This edition is thoroughly revised to provide an in depth and up to date presentation of the most important aspects of database systems and applications, and related technologies. It systematically builds on the core fundamental concepts necessary for designing, using and implementing database systems and database applications, which is the winning feature of this book.

Key Features
  • Chapters have been added and restructured to keep the text updated with recent concepts in big data processing, including MapReduce and Hadoop
  • Discussions of new technologies such as SQL systems and java technologies for web database programming, and other various new developments in databases are discussed throughout
  • Updated pedagogy and real world examples enhance the text throughout
Table of Contents
  1. Chapter 1 Databases and Database Users
  2. Chapter 2 Database Systems Concepts and Architecture
  3. Chapter 3 Data Modeling Using the Entity Relationship (ER) Model
  4. Chapter 4 The Enhanced Entity Relationship (EER) Model
  5. Chapter 5 The Relational Data Model and Relational Database Constraints
  6. Chapter 6 Basic SQL
  7. Chapter 7 More SQL: Complex Queries, Triggers, Views, and Schema Modification
  8. Chapter 8 The Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus
  9. Chapter 9 Relational Database Design by ER- and EER-to-Relational Mapping
  10. Chapter 10 Introduction to SQL Programming Techniques
  11. Chapter 11 Web Database Programming Using PHP
  12. Chapter 12 Object and Object-Relational Databases
  13. Chapter 13 XLM: Extensible Markup Language
  14. Chapter 14 Basics of Functional Dependencies and Normalization for Relational Databases
  15. Chapter 15 Relational Database Design Algorithms and Further Dependencies
  16. Chapter 16 Disc Storage, Basic File Structures, Hashing, and Modern Storage Architectures
  17. Chapter 17 Indexing Structures for Files and Physical Database Design
  18. Chapter 18 Strategies for Query Processing
  19. Chapter 19 Query Optimization
  20. Chapter 20 Introduction to Transaction Processing Concepts and Theory
  21. Chapter 21 Concurrency Control Techniques
  22. Chapter 22 Database Recovery Techniques
  23. Chapter 23 Distributed Database Concepts
  24. Chapter 24 NOSQL Databases and Big Data Storage Systems
  25. Chapter 25 Big Data Technologies Based on MapReduce and Hadoop
  26. Chapter 26 Enhanced Data Models: Introduction to Active, Temporal, Spatial, Multimedia, and Deductive Databases
  27. Chapter 27 Introduction to Information Retrieval and Web Search
  28. Chapter 28 Data Mining Concepts
  29. Chapter 29 Overview of Data Warehousing and OLAP
  30. Chapter 30 Database Security
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