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Fundamentals of Multinational Finance, Global Edition

  • Authors: Michael Moffett, Arthur Stonehill, David Eiteman
  • ISBN: 9781292076539
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • Format: Paperback – 536 pages
  • Language: English


Fundamentals of Multinational Finance is intended for use in undergraduate International Financial Management, International Business Finance, or International Finance courses A focused, streamlined approach to creating a global financial management strategy Tomorrow’s business leaders will be expected to comprehend global markets and lead their organizations through a constantly changing global environment. By grounding concepts in the context of illuminating case studies and real-world examples, Fundamentals of Multinational Finance familiarizes students with the fundamental concepts and tools necessary to implement an effective global financial management strategy. This edition includes the many new financial management challenges faced by today’s business leaders-while still providing students with a streamlined text that gets straight to the important concepts.

Table of Contents
  1. Part 1. Global Financial Environment
    1. Multinational Financial Management: Opportunities and Challenges
    2. The International Monetary System
    3. The Balance of Payments
    4. Financial Goals and Corporate Governance
  2. Part 2. Foreign Exchange Theory and Markets
    1. The Foreign Exchange Market
    2. International Parity Conditions
    3. Foreign Currency Derivatives and Swaps
    4. Foreign Exchange Rate Determination
  3. Part 3. Foreign Exchange Exposure
    1. Transaction Exposure
    2. Translation Exposure
    3. Operating Exposure
  4. Part 4. Financing the Global Firm
    1. The Global Cost and Availability of Capital
    2. Raising Equity and Debt Globally
    3. Multinational Tax Management
    4. International Trade Finance
  5. Part 5. Foreign Investment Decisions
    1. Foreign Direct Investment and Political Risk
    2. Multinational Capital Budgeting and Cross-Border Acquisitions
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