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Grant's Dissector

Grant’s Dissector (16th Edition)

  • Author: Allan J. Detton
  • ISBN: 9789351298342
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Publishing
  • Edition: 16th
  • Publication Date: May 12, 2016
  • Format: Paperback – 320 pages
  • Language: English

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Grant s Dissector provides step-by-step human cadaver dissection procedures for students to perform in the anatomy lab and to recognize important relationships revealed through dissection. More informative and approachable than ever, this updated seventeenth edition broadens students understanding of key dissection procedures and readies them for success in healthcare practice. Each chapter is consistently organized beginning with a Dissection Overview that provides a blueprint of what needs to be accomplished during the dissection session and includes relevant surface anatomy. Dissection Instructions offer a logical sequence and numbered steps for the dissection. The Dissection Follow-up emphasizes important features of the dissection and encourages students to reflect on and synthesize the information.

New and revised illustrations, including new surface landmark illustrations, strengthen students grasp of common dissection procedures. New chapter introductions focus students attention on relevant Clinical Correlations. Reorganized Skeletal and Surface Anatomy sections guide students logically from palpating bony structures to making skin incisions. Enhanced and streamlined cross-references reinforce understanding with direct links to related content in Grant s Atlas of Anatomy as well as Grant s Dissection Videos. Dissection Overviews guide students through relevant surface anatomy and osteology. Numbered, step-by-step Dissection Instructions clarify procedures and enhance the dissection experience. Full-color illustrations improve students accuracy and precision from initial incisions through deeper dissections. Clinical Correlation boxes place procedures in a clinical context to ready students for healthcare practice.

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