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Handbook Of Public Health For Nursing & Paramedical Students

Handbook of Public Health: For Nursing and Paramedical Students

  • Author: Atiq Ur Rehman
  • ISBN: 9789696375951
  • Publisher: Paramount Books
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Publication Date: 2019
  • Format: Paperback – 212 Pages
  • Language: English

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Handbook of Public Health will not only impart vast knowledge about public health but will also be helpful for paramedical students and nurses alike for their exam preparation.

New to this 3rd Edition
  • Thorough revision of presentation of previous edition
  • Addition of previously tested Short Essay Questions
  • Updated demographic data and vaccination schedule
  • Updated treatment of communicable diseases
  • Addition of information boxes at places containing rare but interesting information
  • Smarter and colourful style adds attraction for readers
  • Addition of extra high frequency must-read topics
Author Biography

Dr. Atiq Ur Rehman is a graduate of Saidu Medical College, Swat. Writing for paramedical students has been his passion for the last four years. His other noteworthy books are First Aid & Patient Safety and Basic Medical Sciences. The author has also worked as contributor in a couple of well-known books for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.


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