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Human Disease And Health Promotion

Human Disease and Health Promotion

  • Author: Leslie Beale
  • ISBN: 9780470589083
  • Publisher: Wiley Publishing
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: June 9, 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 480 pages
  • Language: English

The essential tools and methodologies for real-world patient education

Human Disease and Health Promotion offers a comprehensive introduction to health advocacy and patient education in a real-world context. Covering the epidemiology and pathology of major communicable and non-communicable diseases, this book details up-to-date health promotion strategies and communication approaches designed to engage diverse populations. These methodologies can inform health promotion efforts.

You’ll learn how to partner with the patient to navigate healthcare systems and services and how to manage the relationship to avoid patient dependence and advocate burn-out. An extensive guide to common diseases includes details on mechanism, treatment, epidemiology, pathology, and attendant psychosocial implications, and prevention and control are emphasized to the degree that the patient has the capacity to obtain, process, and understand the information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions. Rich in examples, tools, and exercises, this text includes access to a downloadable workbook that provides additional exercises to reinforce concepts and build essential practical skills.

Public health education and advocacy is an enormous undertaking with many variables. This book helps provides a real-world picture of the depth and breadth of the field, with clear guidance toward current theory and practice.

  • Apply current health literacy theories and participatory patient education strategies
  • Design, implement, and evaluate programs targeting various groups
  • Analyze and apply new technologies in patient education and health advocacy
  • Understand the mechanisms, treatments, and epidemiology of common diseases

Nine out of ten adults may lack the skills needed to manage their health and prevent disease, and over half find it a challenge to self-manage chronic diseases and use health services appropriately. Human Disease and Health Promotion helps you develop your role as health educator and advocate so you can connect patients with the care and information they need.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction vii
  2. Preface ix
  3. About the Author xi
  4. Part 1: Foundations of Human Health and Health Promotion 1
    1. Chapter 1 Overview of Health 3
    2. Chapter 2 Overview of Western Medical Practices 15
    3. Chapter 3 Overview of Chronic Diseases 31
    4. Chapter 4 Fundamentals of Culturally Competent Health Care 47
    5. Chapter 5 Health Behavior and Patient Self-Management 65
    6. Chapter 6 Health Literacy 83
    7. Chapter 7 Communication Skills for Health Care Providers 101
    8. Chapter 8 Patient Navigators and Patient Self-Advocacy 119
    9. Chapter 9 Basics of Disease and Diagnosis 135
  5. Part 2: Human Diseases from a Systemic Approach 159
    1. Chapter 10 Immune System and Related Diseases 161
    2. Chapter 11 Endocrine System and Related Diseases 183
    3. Chapter 12 Nervous System, Sensory System, and Related Diseases 203
    4. Chapter 13 Cardiovascular System and Related Diseases 227
    5. Chapter 14 Blood and Related Diseases 251
    6. Chapter 15 Respiratory System and Related Diseases 275
    7. Chapter 16 The Digestive System and Related Diseases 299
    8. Chapter 17 Urinary System, Male Reproductive System, and Related Diseases 323
    9. Chapter 18 Female Reproductive System and Related Diseases 345
    10. Chapter 19 Musculoskeletal System and Related Diseases 369
    11. Chapter 20 Integumentary System and Related Diseases 391
    12. Chapter 21 The Brain and Mental Health Disorders 415
  6. Index 441
Author Biography

LESLIE BEALE, MA, E.Ed, Ed.D, is a Professor in the Physical Education Health Education Department at Springfield College, Springfield, Massachusetts. She has over 30 years of experience as a health promotion specialist.

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