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International English Coursebook 1

  • Authors: Peter Lucantoni, Lydia Kellas
  • ISBN: 9780340959503
  • Publisher: Hodder Education
  • Format: Paperback – 240 pages
  • Language: English

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Advance English language skills while improving subject content knowledge with a comprehensive three-level lower secondary ESL programme specifically designed for non-native English speaking students.

Key Features
  • Benefit from a flexible programme that ensures thorough preparation for the IGCSE and equivalent courses and is suitable as a stand-alone course.
  • Ensure systematic coverage with aspects of language and skills development in each unit, including grammar, language, vocabulary, study and research skills and more.
  • Support listening skills with exercises and native speaker recordings on the CD included with the coursebook.
  • Engage interest with clear text and stimulating exercises alongside inspiring illustrations.
  • Reinforce the material taught within each lesson with the accompanying Workbook, providing extra practice and homework activities.

Make the most of the series with the Teacher’s Guide containing answers to the exercises and guidance on delivering lessons.

Table of Contents
  1. My new life
    1. Unit 1 New people
    2. Unit 2 School and study
    3. Unit 3 My opportunities
  2. My people
    1. Unit 4 My family
    2. Unit 5 My friends
    3. Unit 6 My people
  3. My body
    1. Unit 7 Health
    2. Unit 8 Food and drink
    3. Unit 9 Exercises and fitness
  4. My world
    1. Unit 10 My community
    2. Unit 11 Places and buildings
    3. Unit 12 House and home
  5. My style
    1. Unit 13 Daily life
    2. Unit 14 Fashion and clothes
    3. Unit 15 Holidays
  6. My future
    1. Unit 16 The science of life
    2. Unit 17 Technology
    3. Unit 18 The final frontier
  7. My new life
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