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Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics

  • Author: Robert E. Masterson
  • ISBN: 9781498751483
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: January 19, 201
  • Format: Hardback – 1107 Pages
  • Language: English


Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics is the most comprehensive, modern and readable textbook for this course/module. It explains reactors, fuel cycles, radioisotopes, radioactive materials, design, and operation. Chain reaction and fission reactor concepts are presented, plus advanced coverage including neutron diffusion theory. The diffusion equation, Fisk’s Law, and steady state/time-dependent reactor behavior. Numerical and analytical solutions are also covered. The text has full color illustrations throughout, and a wide range of student learning features.

Table of Contents
  1. Nuclear Power in the World Today
  2. Neutrons and Other Important Particles of Reactor Physics
  3. Nuclear Particles, Processes, and Reactions
  4. Nuclear Cross Sections, Reaction Probabilities, and Reaction Rates
  5. Cross Section Libraries and Sources of Practical Nuclear Data
  6. Nuclear Fuels, Nuclear Structure, the Mass Defect, and Radioactive Decay
  7. Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Energy Production
  8. Neutron Slowing Down Theory, Neutron Moderators, and Reactor Coolants
  9. The Neutron Multiplication Factor, the Reactivity, and the Four-Factor Formula
  10. Neutron Leakage, Reactor Criticality, and the Six-Factor Formula
  11. An Introduction to Neutron Diffusion Theory and Fick’s Law of Diffusion
  12. Multigroup Neutron Diffusion Theory
  13. Solutions to the Steady-State Neutron Diffusion Equation
  14. Solving the Neutron Diffusion Equation with a Radioactive Source Term
  15. Time-Dependent Reactors and Their Behavior
  16. The Point Kinetics Approximation and the Inhour Equation
  17. Burnup, Depletion, and Temperature Feedback
  18. Long-Term Changes to the Reactivity of the Core
  19. Fuel Assembly Homogenization and Reaction Rate Conservation
  20. Control Rods, Burnable Poisons, and Chemical Shim
  21. Fission Products, Xenon Transients, and Reactor Accidents
  22. An Introduction to Neutron Transport Theory
  23. The Monte Carlo Method and Its Applications to Nuclear Science and Engineering
Author Description

Robert E. Masterson (1950-2020) held MS and PhD degrees in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he worked for Westinghouse Nuclear Energy Systems. He was an Affiliate Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. Dr. Masterson published extensively in the journals of the ANS and had over 20 years of experience in the field of nuclear science and engineering. He had an extensive background in the fields of reactor safety, reactor design and analysis, reactor thermal hydraulics, numerical analysis, reactor physics, reactor dynamics, nuclear medicine, and nuclear particle transport. He was a member of the American Nuclear Society. His first textbook with CRC Press, Nuclear Engineering Fundamentals: A Practical Perspective, was published in 2017.

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