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Kickstarting Pakistan’s Economy

  • Author: Mohammad Zubair Khan
  • ISBN: 9694023564
  • Publisher: Vanguard Publications
  • Format: Hardback – 107 pages
  • Language: English


The author develops a broad strategy for the development of the private sector on the basis of an analytical review of the broad range of constraints and opportunities confronting the private sector in Pakistan.

The analysis is set in the context of a profile of the private sector and a discussion of government policies during the 1990s that impacted its environment.

The book describes private sector activities to highlight the diverse nature and size of activities requiring a variety of different supporting policies.

To place economic performance in proper perspective, it describes the range of reforms undertaken by the government to support the private sector in the financial sector, fiscal area, export promotion, investment, privatization, and the foreign exchange regime.

The reform process carries costs in the short-term apart from those associated with poor sequencing or deficient design. The author also analyses the macroeconomic constraints and discusses the lack of consistency in sectoral policies, deficiencies in incentive policies, the continuing problems in agriculture and the remaining agenda in the financial sector.

Author Biography

Mohammad Zubair Khan has a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University. After obtaining his doctorate in 1978, he advised the Government of Sri Lanka on the design of tariff reforms. The author worked for the IMF in Washington DC during 1981-1993 with a wide range of responsibilities including research. Since 1993, he has worked as a consultant to the World Bank, ADB, UNDP and others. He has recently published ‘A Study of Financial Markets: Pakistan’ (ADB). He served as Federal Minister for Commerce in the Government of Pakistan in 1996 and represented Pakistan at the first ministerial conference of the WTO in Singapore.

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