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Lessons from the Grand Rounds: A Pediatric Approach

  • Authors: YK Amdekar, RD Khare, RR Chokhani
  • ISBN: 9789352703845
  • Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publication Date: January 20, 2018
  • Format: Paperback – 356 pages
  • Language: English

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This unique book is all about the art of clinical analysis. It comprises of 80 actual cases as they presented with their varied symptom complexes, encompassing a wide clinical spectrum in different subspecialties.

To begin with, it briefly discusses the basic concepts of symptoms and signs pertaining to a system, before proceeding with representative cases, which are listed according to the presenting symptoms. It describes how a sequential analysis of every point in the history, clinical examination and investigations leads to the correct diagnosis.

While reading through the cases, the keywords are highlighted, facilitating a quick revision. Each case ends with key messages that convey critical concepts of clinical medicine. Thus, this book is different and one of its kind in the sense that it does not intend to teach pediatrics at all; it purely stimulates the reader to develop a fine sense of rational thinking that facilitates clinical diagnosis in the field of pediatrics, through a self-learning, totally case-based format.

Extremely interesting for clinicians, physicians, pediatricians, hematologists, nephrologists, hepatologists, rheumatologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, etc. as well as medical students, teachers and practitioners.

Target Audience

This book is ideal for undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, practicing pediatricians, teaching faculty in the field of pediatrics, and family physicians who also deal with children.

Table of Contents
    1. Case 1 Abdominal Distention with Hematemesis for Years
    2. Case 2 Recurrent Hematemesis
    3. Case 3 Abdominal Distention with Breathlessness in an Infant
    4. Case 4 Abdominal Distention with Puffiness of Face
    5. Case 5 Puffiness of Face with Edema Feet
    6. Case 6 Abdominal Distention with Developmental Delay
    7. Case 7 Acute Severe Jaundice
    8. Case 8 Severe Jaundice with High Fever
    9. Case 9 Fluctuating Jaundice
    10. Case 10 Jaundice with Pleural Effusion
    11. Case 11 Progressive Jaundice with Failure to Thrive in an Infant
    1. Case 12 Breathlessness and Fever for a Day
    2. Case 13 Breathlessness and Fever over 5 Days
    3. Case 14 Breathlessness after few Days of Fever
    4. Case 15 Breathlessness in a Child with Arthritis
    5. Case 16 Sudden Onset Breathlessness in a 5-year-old
    6. Case 17 Gradually Progressive Breathlessness in an Infant
    7. Case 18 Breathlessness, Palpitations and Chest Pain
    8. Case 19 Fever with Chest Pain
    9. Case 20 Chest Pain with Fever
    10. Case 21 Chest Pain after 2 Weeks of Fever and Cough
    11. Case 22 Hemoptysis in a 10-year-old
    12. Case 23 Cyanosis on Crying in an Infant
    13. Case 24 Recent Onset Cyanosis in a 9-year-old
    1. Case 25 Ecchymosis in an Infant
    2. Case 26 Ecchymosis in an Older Child
    3. Case 27 Bluish Patches in an 8-year-old Child
    4. Case 28 Ecchymosis with Fever
    5. Case 29 Ecchymosis with Joint Swellings
    6. Case 30 Anemia in a 15-month-old
    7. Case 31 Severe Anemia Noticed Incidentally
    1. Case 32 Fever for 2 Months
    2. Case 33 Low Fever, Cough and Failure to Thrive
    3. Case 34 High Fever, Cough and Failure to Thrive
    4. Case 35 Fever for 2 Months (Case First)
    5. Case 36 Fever for 2 Months (Case Second)
    6. Case 37 Fever for 3 Months
    7. Case 38 Fever for 6 Months
    8. Case 39 Fever for 12 Months
    9. Case 40 Fever and Cough for a Few Days
    10. Case 41 Fever and Cough with Large Expectoration
    11. Case 42 Fever with ‘Changing Pneumonia’
    12. Case 43 Fever with Irritability in an Infant
    13. Case 44 Fever with Irritability
    14. Case 45 Fever Followed by Generalized Convulsion
    15. Case 46 Frequent Fever with Inability to Walk
    16. Case 47 Fever, Lethargy and Refusal to Feed
    17. Case 48 Fever with Neck Swelling
    18. Case 49 Fever with Severe Abdominal Pain
    19. Case 50 Prolonged Fever with Jaundice Later in the Illness
    20. Case 51 Fever with Weakness of the Right Side
    21. Case 52 Frequent Wheezing in an Infant
    22. Case 53 Recurrent Hematuria in a 4-year-old
    23. Case 54 Recurrent Hematuria in a 10-year-old
    24. Case 55 Increased Precordial Activity Since Infancy
    25. Case 56 Incidentally Noticed Murmur in an Infant
    26. Case 57 Failure to Gain Height
    27. Case 58 Failure to Gain Height with Onset of Puberty
    28. Case 59 Breast Development in an 8-year-old
    29. Case 60 Pubic Hair Development in a 31/2-year-old
    30. Case 61 Excessive Weight Gain in a 10-year-old
    31. Case 62 Progressive Deformity of Lower Limbs
    1. Case 63 Limb Pain with Difficulty in Walking
    2. Case 64 Limb Pain for a Year
    3. Case 65 Joint Pains-Recurrent
    4. Case 66 Joint Pains with Constitutional Symptoms
    1. Case 67 Developmental Delay Since Birth
    2. Case 68 Regression of Milestones
    3. Case 69 Differential Developmental Delay
    4. Case 70 Delayed Speech in a 21/2-year-old
    5. Case 71 Focal Convulsion in a 2-month-old
    6. Case 72 Headache and Vomiting for a Year
    7. Case 73 Gradually Progressive Hemiparesis
    8. Case 74 Paucity of Left Sided Movements for 5 Days
    9. Case 75 Irritability with Refusal to Walk
    10. Case 76 Difficulty in Walking for 5 Years
    11. Case 77 Difficulty in Walking, ‘Head Nodding’ for 8 Days
    12. Case 78 Clumsiness of Gait Since Last 4 Years
    13. Case 79 Fever Followed by Prolonged Seizures
    14. Case 80 Unusual Case of Altered Sensorium
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