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Managing Acute Medical Emergencies

  • Author: Intekhab Alam
  • ISBN: 9789696373056
  • Publisher: Paramount Books
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 352 Pages
  • Language: English


As a director of general ICU at LRH back in 2003-4, I realized the need of a book on emergency medicine that would meet the requirements of the doctors working in Pakistan. The craving to write the book remained pending for quite a long time till the real impetus came last year when I took the task of preparing management guidelines of important acute medical emergencies for the department of medicine at Lady Reading Hospital. Those guidelines on the management of various acute medical emergencies were very concise, point-wise and consisted only of a single poster that were displayed in the corridors of my unit and ED of LRH. This effort was appreciated by many and there were suggestions to not only expand this work but also to put it into a printed book form.

Considering my extremely busy schedule and other commitments, I took this task as a challenge and started working on this project for the benefit of those thousands of health care workers and students who could potentially benefit from this publication. I have selected important topics like cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR), management of shock, chest pain and management of a patient with impaired conscious state etc. and have put them in an order of their importance and their occurrence in myriad of clinical conditions and the need on the part of almost any healthcare worker to be adept at their management.

The theme, except in few cases like The management of hyperkalemia, is clinical and presentation oriented rather than disease oriented; for instance cardiac arrest, shock, chest pain, status epileptics and a patient presenting with impaired conscious state. Each chapter starts with introduction followed by a detailed discussion on the approach towards their diagnosis, differential diagnosis, precipitating factors, baseline investigations, general and specific management protocols and monitoring. In some cases long term strategy of management is also discussed to prevent their occurrence in future. At places, some modified management plans, based on my vast clinical experience in clinical medicine, has been suggested. Most of the chapters are interconnected and the problems may be encountered simultaneously in the same patient needing synchronized management.


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