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Manual of Gynecardiology: Female-Specific Cardiology

  • Edited By: Angela H.E.M. Maas, C. Noel Bairey Merz
  • ISBN: 9783319549590
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: June 24, 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 251 Pages
  • Language: English


This book provides a much-needed, internationally oriented text, focusing on specific aspects of heart disease in women. Despite the large amount of information available, there is still considerable confusion regarding female patients. As such, the book highlights the health events that occur during aging in women and that may influence the future CVD risk. For instance, pregnancy-related disorders are important predictors for CVD risk in women, and inflammatory diseases like rheumatic, thyroid disorders etc, which also interfere with CVD risk, are also more common in women. Adopting a multidisciplinary approach, including gynecology and endocrinology, it offers separate chapters on female-specific manifestations of ischemic heart disease, such as Tako Tsubo CMP and spontaneous coronary artery dissections. The book also discusses the effects and side effects of important medications. The chapters are clearly formatted, making it easy for readers to find subjects of interest.

Key Features
  • Reveals the enormous variance of gender-based difference in the practice of cardiology among a female patient population
  • Presents the key features of cardiovascular illness within a female population
  • Review the technological developments in cardiology as they respond to a female-specific pattern of CAD and heart failure
  • Contains practical cases to illustrate key concepts
Table of Contents
  1. Epidemiology cardiovascular disease in women
  2. Gender differences in traditional risk factors
  3. Female-specific risk factors
  4. Stable coronary artery disease
  5. Microvascular coronary artery disease
  6. Acute coronary syndromes.- Cardiovascular critical ill female patient
  7. Heart failure in women
  8. The female ECG and rhythm disorders
  9. Aortic diseases and peripheral arterial disease in women
  10. Stroke and cognition disorders in women
  11. Inflammatory disorders and CVD in women
  12. Gynecardiology in clinical practice
  13. Communication, coping with stress and psychosocial factors and CVD in women
  14. Pharmacotherapy in women
Editor(s) Biography

Angela Maas, MD PhD, has been a clinical cardiologist since 1988 and has developed an interest in heart disease in women. She has participated in several international training programs and established the first outpatient clinic for women in the Netherlands in 2003. She focuses on the early identification of women at increased CV risk and symptom evaluation in middle-aged women. She has initiated several national and international multidisciplinary collaborative projects to promote healthy ageing in women. She holds the first chair for women’s cardiac health at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She has received several awards for her pioneering work, such as from the Dutch Society of Female Physicians (2010) and the Radboud University (2014). She is currently one of the most influential female doctors in Dutch healthcare.

Noel Bairey Merz, MD, received her medical degree from Harvard Medical School, after which she was chief medical resident at the University of California, San Francisco. Bairey Merz also completed residencies in both clinical and nuclear cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where she is currently the director of the Women’s Heart Center and also of the Preventive and Rehabilitative Cardiac Center. Her research interests include women and heart disease, mental stress and heart disease, the role of exercise and stress management in reversing disease, and the role of nutrition in heart disease. She has been at the forefront of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)-sponsored WISE (Women’s Ischemic Syndrome Evaluation) initiative and currently leads many other health and research initiatives. She is globally recognized as one of the field’s leading experts on women’s heart disease.

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