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Manual of Nursing Procedures and Practice

  • Author: Omayal Achi
  • ISBN: 9789386691927
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Publishing
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publication Date: anuary 1, 2018
  • Format: Paperback – 1004 Pages
  • Language: English

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Key Features
  • Content consistent with the Indian Nursing Council Syllabus for BSc (N) and MSc (N) and based on prescribed clinical learning requirements
  • Concise with clear and simple terminologies
  • Organized in a logical sequence
  • Facilitated toward developing hands-on clinical nursing skills
  • Systematically framed to augment dexterity
  • Five-step nursing process—Assessment, Nursing Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation—followed for all applicable procedures
  • Nursing care implementation highlighted with “Ibox”
  • “Sample documentation” discussed which will ease the work of students during their clinical practice
  • “Nursing Alert” included for appropriate procedures which guides the students in rightly performing the procedures (with caution)
  • Illustrated with relevant figures for enhanced retention of concepts
  • Furnished with suitable assessment formats (e.g., history collection) and proformas
  • Review questions provided for all six sections that will help students during their exams
  • Content reviewed and developed by subject experts
Table of Contents
  1. Section I Fundamentals of Nursing
    1. Health Assessment
    2. Admission, Transfer, and Discharge
    3. Vital Signs
    4. Basic Physiological Needs: Hygiene
    5. Basic Physiological Needs: Comfort
    6. Basic Physiological Needs: Mobilization
    7. Basic Physiological Needs: Nutrition
    8. Basic Physiological Needs: Hot and Cold Applications
    9. Basic Physiological Needs: Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
    10. Basic Physiological Needs: Urinary Elimination
    11. Basic Physiological Needs: Bowel Elimination
    12. Basic Physiological Needs: Oxygenation
    13. Care of Wounds
    14. Specimen Collection
    15. Administration of Medication
    16. Death Care
  2. Section II Medical-Surgical Nursing
    1. Care of a Patient with Skin Disorders
    2. Care of a Patient with Neurological Disorders
    3. Care of a Patient with Eye Disorders
    4. Care of a Patient with Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders
    5. Care of a Patient with Respiratory Disorders
    6. Care of a Patient with Cardiovascular Disorders
    7. Care of a Patient with Gastrointestinal Disorders
    8. Care of a Patient with Renal Disorders
    9. Care of a Patient with Orthopedic Disorders
    10. Operation Theater Procedures
    11. Oncology Nursing
    12. Critical Care Nursing
  3. Section III Community Heath Nursing
    1. Community Health Survey
    2. Family Health Nursing
    3. Diagnostic Procedures at the Health Center
    4. Maternal and Child Health/Reproductive Child Health
    5. Organizing and Conducting Various Programs
    6. Training and Supervision of Community Health Workers
    7. Treatment of Minor Ailments
    8. Information, Education, and Communication
    9. Vital Statistics
    10. Records and Reports
  4. Section IV Mental Health Nursing
    1. Admission Procedure
    2. Formats
    3. Discharge Procedure
    4. Psychometric Assessment
    5. Therapeutic Modalities
    6. Counseling
  5. Section V Child Health Nursing
    1. Health Assessment of a Child from Infancy to Adolescence
    2. Assessment of Growth and Development
    3. Care of A Normal Newborn
    4. Nursing Care of a High-Risk Newborn
    5. Nursing Care of a Child with Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance
    6. Nursing Care of a Child with Respiratory Problems
    7. Restraints
    8. Collection of Specimen
    9. Administration of Medication
    10. Nursing Care of a Child Undergoing Therapeutic Procedures
  6. Section VI Maternal Health Nursing
    1. Antenatal Care
    2. Intranatal Care
    3. Postnatal Care
    4. Family Planning
    5. Procedures Related to a High-Risk Mother
    6. Preparation for Destructive Surgeries (Assisted)
    7. Diagnostic Procedures (Assisted)
    8. Gynecological Procedures
    9. Counseling
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