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Maternity and Pediatric Nursing (3rd Edition)

  • Authors: Susan Ricci, Theresa Kyle, Susan Carman
  • ISBN: 9781451194005
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Publishing
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Publication Date: October 14, 2016
  • Format: Hardback – 2048 pages
  • Language: English


Prepare your students for safe and effective maternity and pediatric nursing practice.

This updated 3rd Edition of Ricci, Kyle, and Carman’s unique combination book helps students develop an understanding of the health needs of women and children, and empowers them to guide women and their children toward higher levels of wellness throughout the life cycle.

Key Features
  • Updated Threaded Case Studies in every chapter give students an opportunity to apply concepts to real-life scenarios.
  • New Bringing It All Together sections draw content from multiple chapters to develop students’ skills in critical thinking, prioritizing, and clinical decision making.
  • New Cases begin at the end of each chapter and unfold online, providing extended opportunities for students to connect learning to practice.
  • New! Concept Mastery Alerts improve students’ understanding of potentially confusing topics as identified by Lippincott’s Adaptive Learning Powered by PrepU.
  • Evidence-based Research boxes provide the latest information on best practices in nursing and inspire students to implement EBR interventions.
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