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Mount Hill Social Studies Book 1

  • Author: Zubaida Khalil
  • Publisher: Gohar Publications
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English

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The Mount Hill Social Studies series is a set of nine books. It focuses on all the fields of social studies and their relationship with us. It has social, cultural, political, spiritual and technological topics.


  • In the early books of this series students are given proper introduction of wide range of things they see in their daily life.
  • Students have been familiarized with good manners regarding their behaviour towards elders, eating habits and dressing.
  • Students Students are given useful tips on how to stayclean and safe. They are told safety precautions against hazards they may face in or around their homes.
  • A lot of high resolution pictures have been given in this series so the students are fully aware of the technicality of the topics.
  • In the books for classes 6 to 8 of this series students are made aware of global topics such as ecosystems, climate and weather, topography of land and ocean floor, rocks and minerals etc.
  • Adventurous Adventurous and inspiring topics have also been added in this series to stimulate the curiosity that every child possesses. Topics such as age of discovery and wonders of the world are very inspiring.
  • Topics such as Disasters and First Aid will familiarize students to some of the dangers they may face in real life. First Aid techniques are the best thing we can teach our children because it has been established that proper First Aid at the right time can save lives.
  • Objective Objective exercises and questions are so designed that they cover the key elements of the topics and students’ understanding of the topics can be properly evaluated.

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