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Netter’s Atlas of Neuroscience (3rd Edition)

  • Author: David L. Felten, Michael K. O’Banion, Mary E Maida
  • ISBN: 9780323265119
  • Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing
  • Edition: 3rd
  • Publication Date: December 14, 2015
  • Format: Paperback – 496 Pages
  • Language: English


Ideal for students of neuroscience and neuroanatomy, the new edition of Netter’s Atlas of Neuroscience combines the didactic well-loved illustrations of Dr. Frank Netter with succinct text and clinical points, providing a highly visual, clinically oriented guide to the most important topics in this subject. The logically organized content presents neuroscience from three perspectives: an overview of the nervous system, regional neuroscience, and systemic neuroscience, enabling you to review complex neural structures and systems from different contexts.

Key Features
  • Coverage of both regional and systemic neurosciences allows you to learn structure and function in different and important contexts.
  • Combines the precision and beauty of Netter and Netter-style illustrations to highlight key neuroanatomical concepts and clinical correlations.
  • Reflects the current understanding of the neural components and supportive tissue, regions, and systems of the brain, spinal cord, and periphery.
  • Uniquely informative drawings provide a quick and memorable overview of anatomy, function, and clinical relevance.
  • Succinct and useful format utilizes tables and short text to offer easily accessible “at-a-glance” information.
  • Provides an overview of the basic features of the spinal cord, brain, and peripheral nervous system, the vasculature, meninges and cerebrospinal fluid, and basic development.
  • Integrates the peripheral and central aspects of the nervous system.
  • Bridges neuroanatomy and neurology through the use of correlative radiographs.
  • Highlights cross-sectional brain stem anatomy and side-by-side comparisons of horizontal sections, CTs and MRIs.
  • Features video of radiograph sequences and 3D reconstructions to enhance your understanding of the nervous system.
New to this Edition
  • Student Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience includes access — on a variety of devices — to the complete text, 14 videos, and images from the book.
  • Expanded coverage of cellular and molecular neuroscience provides essential guidance on signaling, transcription factors, stem cells, evoked potentials, neuronal and glial function, and a number of molecular breakthroughs for a better understanding of normal and pathologic conditions of the nervous system.
  • Micrographs, radiologic imaging, and stained cross sections supplement illustrations for a comprehensive visual understanding.
  • Increased clinical points — from sleep disorders and inflammation in the CNS to the biology of seizures and the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s — offer concise insights that bridge basic neuroscience and clinical application.
Table of Contents
  1. Section 1 Overview of the Nervous System
    1. Neurons and Their Properties
      1. Anatomical and Molecular Properties
      2. Electrical Properties
      3. Neurotransmitter and Signaling Properties
    2. Skull and Meninges
    3. Brain
    4. Brain Stem and Cerebellum
    5. Spinal Cord
    6. Ventricles and the Cerebrospinal Fluid
    7. Vasculature
    8. Arterial System
    9. Developmental Neuroscience
  2. Section II Regional Neuroscience
    1. Peripheral Nervous System
      1. Introduction and Basic Organization
      2. Somatic Nervous System
      3. Autonomic Nervous System
    2. Spinal Cord
    3. Brain Stem and Cerebellum
      1. Brain Stem Cross-Sectional Anatomy
      2. Cranial Nerves and Cranial Nerve Nuclei
      3. Reticular Formation
      4. Cerebellum
    4. Diencephalon
    5. Telencephalon
  3. Section III Systemic Neuroscience
    1. Sensory Systems
      1. Somatosensory Systems
      2. Trigeminal Sensory System
      3. Sensory System for Taste
      4. Auditory System
      5. Vestibular System
      6. Visual System
    2. Motor Systems
      1. Lower Motor Neurons
      2. Upper Motor Neurons
      3. Cerebellum
      4. Basal Ganglia
    3. Autonomic-Hypothalamic-Limbic Systems
      1. Autonomic Nervous System
      2. Hypothalamus and Pituitary
      3. Limbic System
      4. Olfactory System

“I would recommend this book without reservation and over other neuroanatomy books. The greatest strength is its beauty. Neuroanatomy can be tough. The drawings provide perspectives that are rarely seen in other textbooks and can make concepts click in your mind – a picture is worth a thousand words. The text is cleverly used to highlight rather than provide a detailed explanation – which can be referenced from other books. The initial overview and then diving down into the nitty-gritty significantly aids learning as it provides a contextual road-map. The influence of the educationalist is clearly felt alongside the expertise of the anatomists. They have done Netter justice. This is an exceptional book, now in its third edition. An established gem. Well worth shortlisting. The electronic version is very welcome and makes a chunky tone accessible anywhere with the added. video bonus. This is a standard publishers should be aiming for.”

– 2016 BMA Awards: Highly Commended, Neurology

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