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Network Analysis (3rd Revised Edition)

  • Author: Van Valkenburg
  • ISBN: 9789353433123
  • Publisher: Pearson Education
  • Edition: 3rd Revised
  • Publication Date: January 1, 2019
  • Format: Paperback – 724 pages
  • Language: English


After almost four decades of waiting, Pearson presents the revised third edition of its best-selling title on Network Analysis. This book has been revamped to have a perfect blend of engineering and mathematical approach. Throughout the book, the discussion starts with the analysis of simplest circuit and gradually moves on to more complicated circuits, i.e., R to RL, RC and RLC circuits, single node to multiple nodes circuits, from circuit with independent voltage and current sources to circuits which also include dependent sources. It comprehensively covers diverse range of topics in the eld of electric networks (or circuits) which is considered to be the foundation of electrical engineering such as the Nyquist criterion, Tellegan’s theorem, the Gauss elimination method, Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems, the Routh Hurwitz criterion, and Fourier transforms. Problems and suggested digital computer exercises are provided at the end of each chapter.

Key Features
  • Enriched Content
    • Includes new types of source transformations, namely, voltage to current, current to voltage, voltage to voltage and current to current .
    • One-step and one-circuit analysis is given for obtaining Thevenin/Norton equivalent circuits.
    • Discusses detailed analysis of three phase circuits.
  • Enhanced Pedagogy
    • 100+ new solved examples added throughout the book
    • 100+ unsolved chapter-end problems added
    • 100+ multiple choice questions included at the end of the book.
Table of Contents
  1. Chapter 1 Development of the Circuit Concept
  2. Chapter 2 Conventions for Describing Circuits
  3. Chapter 3 Methods of Analysis
  4. Chapter 4 Response of First Order Circuits
  5. Chapter 5 Initial Conditions in Circuits
  6. Chapter 6 Response of Higher Order Circuits
  7. Chapter 7 Response of Circuits Through Laplace Transform
  8. Chapter 8 Response to Other Signals
  9. Chapter 9 Circuit Functions and Theorems
  10. Chapter 10 Circuit Functions; Poles and Zeros
  11. Chapter 11 T wo-port Parameters
  12. Chapter 12 Sinusoidal Steady-state Analysis
  13. Chapter 13 Frequency Response Plots
  14. Chapter 14 Input Power, Power Transfer, and Insertion Loss
  15. Chapter 15 Fourier Series and Signal spectra
  16. Chapter 16 Fourier Integral and Continuous Spectra
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