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Neurorehabilitation for Central Nervous System Disorders

  • Author: Frans Van Der Brugge
  • ISBN: 9783319587370
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: November 16, 2017
  • Format: Hardback – 161 Pages
  • Language: English


This book describes the four most common central nervous disorders (Parkinson, stroke, dementia and multiple sclerosis) by focusing on the similarities of their symptoms. This analysis is necessary in order to determine the appropriate treatment method for individual patients.

In physical therapy there are various methods available for treating patients affected by a neurological disease, yet the method presented here is the only one to include systematic interventions adapted to the patient’s needs, which are determined by means of a health situation analysis.

The book offers practical and applicable information for allied health professionals seeking interventions to help patients function better in their own environment. In addition, this book features updated information on the “van der Brugge method,” focusing on a targeted program to stimulate movement in the elderly with dementia.

This book will be of interest to neurologists and physiotherapists.

Key Features
  • Describes four syndromes that frequently occur worldwide
  • The first book that describes these four pathologies for paramedics
  • Describes not only the pathologies but also key symptoms and possible paramedical interventions
Table of Contents
  1. Early signals, causes and risk factors
  2. Symptomatology in practice with m. Parkinson
  3. Symptomatology in practice with Dementia
  4. Symptomatology in practice with MS
  5. Similarities of different CNA in a scheme
  6. Examination of a patient with a CNA
  7. Similar affecting functions and cognitive rehabilitation
  8. Fatigue with CNA
  9. Motoric control models
  10. Functional exercise and motoric learning
Authors Biography

Frans van der Brugge is a geriatric physiotherapist specialized in neurology. Further, he was a content expert and coordinator of the geriatric physiotherapy program Avans Plus in Breda (Netherlands). Also he offers national and international postgraduate courses on neurorehabilitation for central neurological disorders (CNDs). His main areas of expertise are Parkinson, stroke, dementia and multiple sclerosis, diseases which he has researched for years. He previously worked fourteen years at the Rehabilitation Center in Breda, where he treated both adults and children affected by CNDs. At the same time he taught neurology at the School of Physiotherapy in Breda.

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