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Pediatric Spots

  • Author: Saad Saleh Al Ani
  • ISBN: 9789351529316
  • Publisher: Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: July 1, 2016
  • Format: Paperback – 320 pages
  • Language: English

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Pediatric Spots is an illustrated guide to paediatric physical examination, written by a Professor of Paediatrics at Khorfakkan Hospital, UAE.

The book consists of 22 chapters with guidance on physical examination for every organ system of the body, making it an ideal quick reference tool. Other important topics such as accident and emergency, nutrition, genetics, neonatology, and growth and development are given their own chapters.

Some of the most challenging aspects of paediatric care are covered in the book, such as development delays, emotional and behavioural problems, as well as common diagnoses for diseases, injuries and other complications. 113 full colour images and illustrations enhance Pediatric Spots, a comprehensive resource for postgraduate students and GPs.

Key Features
  • Comprehensive quick reference guide to paediatric physical examination
  • Written by Saad Saleh Al Ani, Professor of Paediatrics at Khorfakkan Hospital, UAE
  • Chapters for each organ system as well as other important topics
  • 113 full colour images and illustrations
Table of Contents
  1. Chapter 1: Accidents and Emergency
  2. Chapter 2: Cardiology
  3. Chapter 3: Dentistry
  4. Chapter 4: Dermatology
  5. Chapter 5: Endocrinology
  6. Chapter 6: Fluids, Electrolytes and Nutrition
  7. Chapter 7: Gastroenterology
  8. Chapter 8: Genetics
  9. Chapter 9: Growth and Development
  10. Chapter 10: Hematology
  11. Chapter 11: Infectious Diseases
  12. Chapter 12: Metabolic Disorders
  13. Chapter 13: Neonatology
  14. Chapter 14: Nephrology
  15. Chapter 15: Neurology
  16. Chapter 16: Oncology
  17. Chapter 17: Ophthalmology
  18. Chapter 18: Orthopedic
  19. Chapter 19: Otolaryngology
  20. Chapter 20: Respiratory Disorders
  21. Chapter 21: Rheumatology
  22. Chapter 22: Pediatric Mnemonics
  23. Suggested Reading
  24. Index
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