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Physics for the IB Diploma Coursebook (6th Edition)

  • Author: K. A. Tsokos
  • ISBN: 9781107628199
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Edition: 6th
  • Format: Paperback – 566 pages
  • Language: English

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Physics for the IB Diploma, Sixth edition, covers in full the requirements of the IB syllabus for Physics for first examination in 2016.

The sixth edition of this well-known coursebook is fully updated for the IB Physics syllabus for first examination in 2016, comprehensively covering all requirements. Get the best coverage of the syllabus with Physics for the IB Diploma (sixth edition) with clear assessment statements, links to Theory of Knowledge, International-mindedness and Nature of Science themes. Exam preparation is supported with plenty of sample exam questions, online test questions and exam tips. Chapters covering the Options and Nature of Science, assessment guidance and answers to questions are included in the additional online material available with the book.

Key Features
  • Full coverage of syllabus, following syllabus structure.
  • Clear demarcation of Standard Level and Higher Level material.
  • Learning objectives emphasise the key content in each section.
  • Worked examples to help understand different question types.
  • Links to Theory of Knowledge, International-Mindedness and Nature of Science themes.
  • Additional online material, including Options chapters, practice questions and assessment guidance.
  • New digital versions of our textbooks are coming in 2015 and will offer an enriched learning experience through material such as animation, video and audio content, and/or self-marking quiz, assessment questions and personalisation of table of contents.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Unit 1. Measurements and Uncertainties:
    1. Measurement in physics
    2. Uncertainties and errors
    3. Vectors and scalars
    4. Exam-style questions
  3. Unit 2. Mechanics:
    1. Motion
    2. Forces
    3. Work, energy and power
    4. Momentum and impulse
    5. Exam-style questions
  4. Unit 3. Thermal Physics:
    1. Thermal concepts
    2. Modelling a gas
    3. Exam-style questions
  5. Unit 4. Waves:
    1. Oscillations
    2. Travelling waves
    3. Wave characteristics
    4. Wave behaviour
    5. Standing waves
    6. Exam-style questions
  6. Unit 5. Electricity and Magnetism:
    1. Electric Fields
    2. Heating effect of electric currents
    3. Electric cells
    4. Magnetic fields
    5. Exam-style questions
  7. Unit 6. Circular Motion and Gravitation:
    1. Circular motion
    2. The law of gravitation
    3. Exam-style questions
  8. Unit 7. Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics:
    1. Discrete energy and radioactivity
    2. Nuclear reactions
    3. The structure of matter
    4. Exam-style questions
  9. Unit 8. Energy Production:
    1. Energy sources
    2. Thermal energy transfer
    3. Exam-style questions
  10. Unit 9. Wave Phenomena (HL):
    1. Simple harmonic motion
    2. Single-slit diffraction
    3. Interference
    4. Resolution
    5. The Doppler effect
    6. Exam-style questions
  11. Unit 10. Fields (HL):
    1. Describing fields
    2. Fields at work
    3. Exam-style questions
  12. Unit 11. Electromagnetic Induction (HL):
    1. Electromagnetic induction
    2. Transmission of power
    3. Capacitance
    4. Exam-style questions
  13. Unit 12. Quantum and Nuclear Physics (HL):
    1. The interaction of matter with radiation
    2. Nuclear physics
    3. Exam-style questions
    4. Answers to test yourself questions
  14. Glossary
  15. Index.
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