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Practical Biostatistics in Translational Healthcare

  • Authors: Allen M. Khakshooy, Francesco Chiappelli
  • ISBN: 9783662574355
  • Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: July 28, 2018
  • Format: Hardback – 227 pages
  • Language: English

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There is an ever-increasing emphasis on evidence-based medicine that is distinguished by systematic crafting of the patient-centered research question, detailed literature searches, and careful appraisal of the resulting evidence. The consensus that ultimately emerges must then be applied in specific clinical settings, and it is to this process that translational effectiveness analysis refers. This portable and easy-to-use handbook is intended as a practical teaching guide on translational effectiveness for students and clinicians. Specifically, it will serve as a primer on patient-centered outcomes research methodology in the health sciences and explain how to acquire and understand the fundamental data that determine which reports are valued as the “best available” evidence. It presents an accessible and readily intelligible set of principles which doctors, dentists, nurses, and insurance carriers will be able to use in the process of health care-related decision-making. ​

Key Features
  • Practical teaching guide on translational effectiveness for students and clinicians
  • Applied concepts in patient-centered outcomes research
  • Easy-to-grasp applied biostatistics​
Table of Contents
  1. Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Methodology Issues: Realistic deliverable outcomes in Practice-based research networks
  2. Design Issues: Randomized clinical trials vs. Clustered randomized clinical trials
  3. Analysis issues: Patient-centered vs. group data analyses & inferences
  4. Bayesian-ism vs. Frequentist-ism in CEERAP: Data and measurements
  5. Diagnostic and prognostic inferences
  6. Quantifying the best evidence
  7. Toward TEA: Acceptable sampling
  8. Meta-analysis
  9. Validating inferences of clinical relevance
Authors Biography

Allen M. Khakshooy, MPH MDc was recognized as the youngest appointed faculty member in his graduate department due to his comprehensive understanding and effective teaching of Biostatistics to future Healthcare professionals. As a beneficiary of Dr. Chiappelli’s teachings, he concurrently gained substantial experience in clinical research, translational science, and evidence-based medicine, espoused by his research publications and book chapter authorships. Mr. Khakshooy is currently in pursuit of his medical doctorate.

Professor Francesco Chiappelli, Ph.D. has contributed extensively to the development of the field of evidence-based and comparative effectiveness decision-making in health care over the past several years through his teaching, research publications, and authorship of several book chapters and books. Professor Chiappelli is the founder and director of the International Forum on evidence-based decisions and comparative effectiveness research (IF-EBD-CER), and is the honorary president of the Brazilian Association for Evidence-based dentistry. He is a American Dental Association Champion of evidence-based dentistry, and he is listed as a Fulbright Specialists for his expertise in evidence-based and comparative effectiveness analysis in health care.

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