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Practical General Practice: Guidelines for Effective Clinical Management

  • Editors: Adam Staten, Paul Staten
  • ISBN: 9780702055522
  • Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishing
  • Edition: 7th
  • Publication Date: October 4, 2019
  • Format: Paperback – 576 pages
  • Language: English


Practical General Practice is a highly practical manual, specifically designed for use during the consultation process. Containing over 1000 conditions, the unique underlying structure of the book allows the GP to see immediately what treatment is recommended and why. All recommendations are highly specific – giving a firm guide to the GP during the consultation process rather than a list of possibilities that the GP might wish to consider.

It is thirty years since the first edition of this textbook was published. Since then there have been five editions, a wealth of new research and numerous new guidelines to improve the practice of evidence-based medicine. The seventh edition brings Practical General Practice right up to date with more robust guidance than has ever previously been possible.

Key Features
  • Bullet points for action which give the GP an immediate summary of the issues that must be covered in the consultation.
  • Bullet points of the key evidence which justifies those recommendations.
  • All chapters thoroughly revised, to reflect changes in the evidence, and in major guidelines, since the last edition.
  • NNT values provided when available
  • Appendices give the latest guidelines for management of various clinical conditions in general practice.
Table of Contents
  1. General
  2. Infectious diseases
  3. Sexually transmitted infections
  4. Childhood problems
  5. Cardiovascular problems
  6. Respiratory problems
  7. Gastroenterological problems
  8. Endocrine problems
  9. Rheumatological problems
  10. Neurological problems
  11. Gynaecological problems
  12. Contraception and sexual problems
  13. Obstetric problems
  14. Urinary problems
  15. Surgical problems
  16. Psychiatric problems
  17. Substance abuse
  18. Eating disorders
  19. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  20. Ear, nose and throat problems
  21. Eye problems
  22. Skin problems
  23. Allergic problems
  24. Older people
  25. Disability
  26. Haematology
  27. Cancer and palliative care with patients with cancer
  28. Management of pain
  29. Death and bereavement
  30. Health promotion
Editors Biography

Adam Staten
General Practitioner, Red House Surgery, Milton Keynes, UK

Paul Staten
General Practitioner, The Red House Surgery, Milton Keynes, UK.

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