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Separatism in East Pakistan: A Study of Failed Leadership

  • Author: Rizwan Ullah Kokab
  • ISBN: 9780199404575
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • Format: Hardback – 424 pages
  • Language: English


Separatism in East Pakistan: A Study of Failed Leadership provides an academic perspective on the Bengali nationalist movement, the seeds of which were sown in the 1940s. Being an original work by the author, the book aims to record the growth of the Bengali nationalist movement and shortcomings of Pakistani leaders in accomodating it. This scholarly empirical appraisal is a vital addition to the available literature on post-Partition history of the events leading from 1947 up to the breaking up of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

Author Description

Dr Rizwan Ullah Kokab is an Assistant Professor at the Government College University, Faisalabad. He is currently completing his post-doctoral research from the University of Edinburgh. Kokab has been a researcher at the Pakistan Study Centre, University of the Punjab. His research interests span modern South Asia, the early history of Pakistan, the various mass movements since its inception, foreign relations, and the development of Islam in the subcontinent. He has authored several papers on movements throughout history in South Asia.

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