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Shab Deeda

  • Author: Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan
  • ISBN: 9693523628
  • Publisher: Sang-e-Meel Publications
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Format: Hardback – 882 pages
  • Language: Urdu

Author Biography

Baba Mohammad Yahya Khan is a Sufi, Writer, Traveler and an Artist. He is a spiritual mentor of many people around the globe. Baba ji introduces himself as a Durvaish of Malaamti (Order of Spiritualism). Baba ji has worked in his life in many international cinemas and stage shows etc. He has performed various roles as Baba Bulleh Shah, Miyan Mohammad Bakhsh and many more on plays broadcast on PTV. Baba ji has spread his Sufi thoughts through various books like Piya Rung Kala, Kajal Kotha, Shab Deeda, Lay Baba Ababeel, etc. His works have been translated in different languages as well. Baba ji was born on 7 September 1936 in Sialkot British India.

He is best known for his books:

  • Piya Rang Kala
  • Kajal Kotha
  • Shab deeda
  • La baba Ababeel
  • Moom ki Murat
  • Mann mandir Mann masjid
  • Baba Black Sheep

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