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Shape Memory Materials

  • Edited By: K. Otsuka, C. M. Wayman
  • ISBN: 9780521663847
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Format: Paperback – 300 pages
  • Language: English


Shape memory materials are fascinating materials, with potential for application as ‘smart materials’ and also as new functional materials. This book presents a systematic and up-to-date account of all aspects of shape memory materials, from fundamentals to applications. Starting from the basic principles of the martensitic transformation, on which the shape memory effect and the superelasticity of alloys are based, the mechanisms of the two phenomena are clearly described, together with possible applications. The characteristics, fabrication techniques and thermomechanical treatment of various shape memory alloys are described in detail, with special emphasis on Ti–Ni and Ti–Ni–X (with X being Cu, Fe etc.) alloys. The book then describes various applications and design principles, for example in actuators, medical applications and as smart materials. The book contains chapters on shape memory ceramics and polymers as well as shape memory alloys, making the book a comprehensive account of the field.

Key Features
  • Most comprehensive book available on shape memory materials
  • Up-to-date theory and data
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction – K. Otsuka and C. M. Wayman
  2. Mechanism of shape memory effect and superelasticity – K. Otsuka and C. M. Wayman
  3. Ti-Ni shape memory alloys – T. Saburi
  4. Cu-based shape memory alloys – T. Tadaki
  5. Ferrous shape memory alloys – T. Maki
  6. Fabrication of shape memory alloys – Y. Suzuki
  7. Characteristics of shape memory alloys – J. Van Humbeeck, R. Stalmans
  8. Shape memory ceramics – K. Uchino
  9. Shape memory polymers – M. Irie
  10. General applications of SMA’s and smart materials – K. N. Melton
  11. The design of shape memory alloy actuators and their applications – I. Ohkata and Y. Suzuki
  12. Medical and dental applications of shape memory alloys – S. Miyazaki.

‘ … summarises the understanding and applications of shape memory materials … of a remarkably high and uniform standard.’ – Andrew Briggs, The Times Higher Education Supplement

‘ … a concise account of shape memory alloys, aimed both at those who are new to the field and those who are actively researching in it … Overall, I can recommend it.’ – J. S. Foord, Chemistry in Britain

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