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Social Studies for Today 2

  • Author: Doreen Crawford, Teresa Crompton
  • ISBN: 1-84522-007-2
  • Publisher: Peak Publishing
  • Format: Paperback
  • Language: English

  • Social Studies for Today is a well-balanced secondary social studies course taking a structured approach to covering geography, history and citizenship.
    About the Series
    • Geography: an introduction to geographical concepts, topics and issues relevant across the globe, with a particular focus on Pakistan.
    • History: a sweeping study of world history from early time up to the present, paying particular attention to the history of the subcontinent and other culturally relevant parts of the world.
    • Citizenship: covers a variety of topics to help pupils understand their various rights and responsibilities and become effective members of Pakistani society and the wider world.
    • Pupil learning enhanced by corresponding Skills Books
    • Comprehensive Teacher Support Books to aid teachers at every level

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