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Textbook of Obstetrics (2nd Edition)

  • Author: V. Padubidri
  • ISBN: 9789387506152
  • Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Publishing
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Publication Date: January 1, 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 624 Pages
  • Language: English


Second Edition of this textbook is specially designed to keep in mind updated MCI syllabus and industry trends with flowcharts, tables, boxes and diagrams specially emphasizing the topics that are important.

Table of Contents
  1. Section I- Basics of Reproduction
    1. Anatomy of Female Reproductive System
    2. Fundamentals of Reproduction
    3. Fetus
    4. Placenta
    5. Amnion, Amniotic Fluid, and Umbilical Cord
  2. Section II – Normal Pregnancy
    1. Anatomical and Physiological Changes During Pregnancy
    2. Diagnosis of Pregnancy
    3. Antenatal Care
    4. Abdominal Examination in Pregnancy
    5. Assessment of Fetal Well-Being
  3. Section III- Abnormalities During Pregnancy: Obstetric
    1. Complications in the First Trimester
    2. Abortion
    3. Gestational Trophoblastic Diseases
    4. Ectopic Pregnancy
    5. Antepartum Hemorrhage
    6. Abnormalities of Amniotic Fluid, Membranes, and Placenta
    7. Preterm Labor 160
    8. Post-Term Pregnancy
    9. Intrauterine Growth Restriction
    10. Intrauterine Fetal Death (Stillbirth)
  4. Section IV- Abnormalities During Pregnancy: Medical and Surgical
    1. Anemia in Pregnancy
    2. Cardiac Diseases in Pregnancy
    3. Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
    4. Diabetes Mellitus in Pregnancy
    5. Rhesus Isoimmunization
    6. Infections During Pregnancy
    7. Thromboembolic Disorders in Pregnancy
    8. Other Medical and Surgical Abnormalities in Pregnancy
  5. Section V- Special Cases
    1. Postcesarean Pregnancy
    2. Pregnancy with Genital Tract Abnormalities
    3. Other Special Cases
  6. Section VI- Normal Labor
    1. Onset of Normal Labor
    2. Mechanism and Stages of Normal Labor
    3. Management of Normal Labor
    4. Obstetric Analgesia
  7. Section VII- Abnormalities in Labor
    1. Malpositions and Malpresentations
    2. Multiple Pregnancy
    3. Contracted Pelvis and Cephalopelvic Disproportion
    4. Abnormal Uterine Actions
    5. Obstructed Labor
    6. Maternal Injuries
    7. Complications of the Third Stage of Labor
  8. Section VIII- Puerperium
    1. Normal Puerperium
    2. Abnormal Puerperium
  9. Section IX- Obstetric Interventions and Surgery
    1. Induction of Labor
    2. Version and Assisted Vaginal Delivery
    3. Cesarean Section and Other Methods of Abdominal Delivery
    4. Destructive Operations
  10. Section X- Fetus and Neonate
    1. Fetal Anomalies
    2. Fetal Hypoxia
    3. Neonate
    4. Respiratory Problems in the Newborn
    5. Birth Injuries in the Newborn
    6. Neonatal Infections
    7. Hemorrhage, Anemia, and Jaundice in the Newborn
  11. Section XI- Miscellaneous
    1. Maternal Mortality
    2. Perinatal and Neonatal Mortality
    3. Pharmacotherapy in Obstetrics
    4. Instruments in Obstetrics
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