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Textbook On Fibroids

Textbook on Fibroids

  • Author: Chaithra TM, B Ramesh
  • ISBN: 9789387085138
  • Publisher: CBS Publishers
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: October 16, 2018
  • Format: Paperback – 312 Pages
  • Language: English


This is a comprehensive treatise on everything about fibroids. It is also a colour atlas presenting a carefully selected collection of original images, very useful for all the readers—undergraduate medical students, gynaecology residents, practising gynaecologists and laparoscopic surgeons to understand the pathophysiology and treatment of fibroids. This book provides information to the learners and practitioners on how to impart up-to-date evidence-based care to the patients. Recent advances like uterine artery embolization and HIFU have been dealt in detail. The technique of laparoscopic myomectomy, selection of patients, complications, and topics such as fertility following myomectomy are dealt with recent advances in the field. Various methods of hysterectomy for fibroids are described in detail. The book atlas should prove extremely useful for all the clinicians dealing with fibroids.

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