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The Environment of Pakistan

  • Author: Huma Naz Sethi
  • ISBN: 1-901458-49-0
  • Publisher: Peak Publishing
  • Edition: New
  • Format: Paperback – 182 pages
  • Language: English

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The Environment of Pakistan is a comprehensive textbook written specifically for the Cambridge O Level Pakistan Studies Syllabus 2059/02 and provides in-depth coverage of the syllabus.

About this Series
  • The book supports and checks pupils’ understanding through a range of practice questions including Cambridge exam-type questions and past Cambridge examination questions.
  • It develops pupils’ ability to learn and analyse important data from diverse sources including maps, diagrams, graphs and tables.
  • The book also provides guidance for examination preparation to help pupils achieve the best possible results.
Skill Book

The Skills Book, supported by the Teacher’s Support Book, helps to consolidate and extend student’s learning, it plays an important part in helping to build the skills students need for success in their course.


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