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The Screen Media Reader: Culture, Theory, Practice

  • Author: Stephen Monteiro
  • ISBN: 9781501311703
  • Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Publication Date: January 12, 2017
  • Format: Paperback – 488 pages
  • Language: English

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As mobile communication, social media, wireless networks, and flexible user interfaces become prominent topics in the study of media and culture, the screen emerges as a critical research area. This reader brings together insightful and influential texts from a variety of sources-theorists, researchers, critics, inventors, and artists-that explore the screen as a fundamental element not only in popular culture but also in our very understanding of society and the world.

The Screen Media Reader is a foundational resource for studying the screen and its cultural impact. Through key contemporary and historical texts addressing the screen’s development and role in communications and the social sphere, it considers how the screen functions as an idea, an object, and an everyday experience. Reflecting a number of descriptive and analytical approaches, these essays illustrate the astonishing range and depth of the screen’s introduction and application in multiple media configurations and contexts. Together they demonstrate the long-standing influence of the screen as a cultural concept and communication tool that extends well beyond contemporary debates over screen saturation and addiction.

Table of Contents
  1. Preface
  2. Acknowledgements
  3. Permissions
  4. Editor’s Note
  5. Introduction: Reflecting on the Screen
  6. Section One: Screens and Their Histories
    1. Introduction to Section One
    2. Screen Identities
    3. Evolution and Revolution
  7. Section Two: Images and Frames
    1. Introduction to Section Two
    2. The Production of Images
    3. Terms of Display
  8. Section Three: Environments and Interactions
    1. Introduction to Section Three
    2. Moments of Interface
    3. Systems and Networks
  9. Further Reading
  10. List of Contributors
  11. Index
Author Description

Stephen Monteiro is Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Concordia University, Canada. He is the author of Screen Presence: Cinema Culture and the Art of Warhol, Rauschenberg, Hatoum, and Gordon (2016).

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