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The Trial (Translation)

  • Author: Franz Kafka
  • ISBN: 9789699903632
  • Publisher: Ilqa Publications
  • Format: Paperback – 208 pages
  • Language: English


‘In the end, out of nothing at all, an enormous fabric of guilt will be conjured up.’

One morning Josef K. is arrested for a crime he did not commit. In fact, he is never even told the nature of the offense. His life is thrown into turmoil as he becomes enmeshed in a struggle to prove his innocence. As the confounding case unfolds, K. is ultimately powerless – battling against a remote and uncaring bureaucracy.

Filled with psychological tension and disconcerting parallels with the modern world, The Trial is a dystopian masterpiece by one of the greatest writers in the German-language.

Author Biography

Franz Kafka was one of the major fiction writers of the 20th century. He was born to a middle-class German-speaking Jewish family in Prague, Bohemia (presently the Czech Republic), Austria–Hungary. His unique body of writing—much of which is incomplete and which was mainly published posthumously—is considered to be among the most influential in Western literature.

His stories include “The Metamorphosis” (1912) and “In the Penal Colony” (1914), while his novels are The Trial (1925), The Castle (1926) and Amerika (1927).

Kafka’s first language was German, but he was also fluent in Czech. Later, Kafka acquired some knowledge of the French language and culture; one of his favorite authors was Flaubert.


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