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The Unofficial Guide to Obstetrics and Gyaenacology


Core O&G Curriculum Covered: 300+ Multiple Choice Questions with Detailed Explanations and Key Subject Summaries

  • Edited By: Matthew Wood, Katherine Lattey, Zeshan Qureshi
  • ISBN: 9780957149977
  • Publisher: Zeeshan Qureshi
  • Edition: 1st
  • Publication Date: June 5, 2018
  • Format: Paperback – 600 Pages
  • Language: English


The Unofficial Guide to Obstetrics and Gynaecology is unique as a textbook that is written based on national and international guidelines. In a subject topic that includes a lot of “grey areas” this is of paramount importance for undergraduates and postgraduates who are studying and working on the wards. Knowledge is present is succinct topic summaries that are then tested and expanded upon in more than 300 multiple choice questions with fully explained answers. More than 100 colour images and illustrations and clinical cases bring the topics to life. The book has been written by junior doctors therefore the content is engaging and always understandable. The content has then been checked by senior clinicians ensuring that it is reliable and up-to-date.

Table of Contents
  1. Gynaecological anatomy and examination
  2. The menstrual cycle and physiology of the HPO axis, Puberty
  3. Disorders of sexual development, Secondary amenorrhoea
  4. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Infertility
  5. Hyperemesis gravidarum
  6. Molar pregnancy, Ectopic pregnancy
  7. Miscarriage
  8. Recurrent miscarriage
  9. Termination of pregnancy
  10. Contraception
  11. Emergency contraception
  12. Menorrhagia
  13. Fibroids
  14. Pre-menstrual syndrome
  15. Menopause
  16. Disorders of the vulva
  17. Prolapse
  18. Urinary incontinence
  19. Endometriosis
  20. Sexually transmitted infections
  21. Ovarian cysts (benign)
  22. General principles of gynaecological cancer management
  23. Ovarian cancer
  24. Uterine cancer
  25. Cervical screening
  26. Cervical cancer
  27. Vulval and vaginal cancer
  28. Organisation and principles of antenatal care
  29. Obstetric abdominal palpation
  30. Antenatal screening and diagnostic tests
  31. Gestational diabetes
  32. Epilepsy in pregnancy
  33. Cardiac disorders in pregnancy
  34. The impact of maternal weight on pregnancy
  35. Thyroid disease in pregnancy
  36. Hepatitis B in pregnancy
  37. HIV in pregnancy
  38. Sickle cell disease in pregnancy
  39. Obstetric cholestasis
  40. Multiple pregnancy
  41. Normal vaginal delivery
  42. Monitoring the fetus
  43. Induction and augmentation
  44. Pain relief in labour
  45. Malpresentation and malposition of the fetus
  46. Breech, Caesarean section
  47. Vaginal birth after caesarean section
  48. Assisted delivery and instrumentals
  49. Antepartum haemorrhage
  50. Pre-eclampsia and pregnancy-induced hypertension
  51. Premature labour
  52. Chorioamnionitis
  53. Small for gestational age and intrauterine growth restriction
  54. Fetal haemolytic disease
  55. Congenital intrauterine infections
  56. Stillbirth
  57. Cord prolapse
  58. Shoulder dystocia
  59. Retained placenta
  60. Postpartum haemorrhage
  61. Amniotic embolism
  62. Maternal collapse
  63. Venous thromboembolism
  64. Bacterial sepsis following pregnancy
  65. Perineal trauma and incontinence
  66. Mastitis
  67. Postnatal mental health
  68. Careers in O&G
Authors Biography

Matthew Wood is an Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialty trainee, currently in the role of Senior Clinical Research Fellow in Robotic Gynaecology surgery at University Hospitals of Leicester. He graduated with distinction from the University of Southampton. He has extensive teaching experience, having taught students from five medical schools, written for four medical student textbooks, and has lectured on postgraduate exam courses internationally.

Katherine Lattey is a foundation year two doctor based in the North West Thames deanary of London, currently working at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. She graduated with distinction in both her undergraduate medical degree and her intercalated Masters in Maternal and Fetal Health. She has presented work nationally and internationally, particularly in the fields of obstetrics and medical education. In 2014 she won the student prize for the best poster after presenting work regarding the Unofficial Guide to Medicine project at the UK Association of Study of Medical Education. She is passionate about all elements of women’s health and will apply for training in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Zeshan Qureshi is a Paediatrician based at Great Ormond Street and the Institute of Child Health. He graduated with distinction from the University of Southampton, and has published and presented research work extensively and internationally in the fields of pharmacology and medical education. Whilst working in Edinburgh he was part of the leadership team developing a near peer teaching programme, where by junior doctors, throughout south east scotland, were both trained to teach, and delivered teaching across every hospital in the area. This book is an extension of this philosophy: that junior doctors and fresh graduates know how to express complex ideas in order for it to be easily understood from a students perspective. That junior doctors can teach, and write in a complimentary way to senior doctors: one that is friendly and fun, easy to read and relevant to both exams, and the day to day to life of junior doctors.

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