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The World Order: How It Works

The World Order: How it Works

  • Author: Mujahid Kamran
  • ISBN: 9693531868
  • Publisher: Sang-e-Meel Publications
  • Publication Date: March 28, 2019
  • Format: Hardback – 608 pages
  • Language: English


The World Order: How It Works will compel you to think. It will become obvious to the reader that the dominant narrative pertaining to global affairs and history is false and that this is by design. This false narrative is advanced through the mainstream media, through textbook history and through books published by major publishers. Modern media and major publishing houses are either owned by the financial Elite or its subservient collaborators and act as its propaganda arm. The wealthiest families on this planet control the narrative as a means of controlling the mind of the masses.

Mind control is the key to world control. These families, variously called the Elite, the One World Cabal, etc., operate through numerous secret societies and think tanks. Scholars employed in these think tanks not only provide deceptive justifications for the global pandemonium created by these families, but also plan and map wars, genocide, and strife in accordance with the desires of their masters. The dozen referenced and detailed essays in this book deal with the theme of how youth is inducted into secret societies, how media is controlled, how wars are instigated and how the truth is obscured through spin. Behind wars, genocide, assassinations, global pandemonium and incessant strife, lie the unseen hands of the wealthiest families on the planet with their insatiable lust for money and absolute power. These families operate in utter secrecy, remain anonymous by design, follow a Satanic cult and their goal is a one world Satanic dictatorship with a much reduced global population. In such a global state whatever is left of mankind will serve the Elite and all traditional religions will cease to exist. After going through the book the reader will understand how and why was WWI planned and prolonged, what lay behind the JFK assassination, how Syria has been falsely accused of using chemical weapons, how and why Islamic terrorism is created, sponsored and used by the Elite, operating through its subservient agencies in the US, UK and Israel. The book will also show the reader as to how a cabal is busy destroying the US and resource rich Muslim countries simultaneously. It also reveals how the global Elite has wrested control of the most advanced and clean technology from the US government. This coherent and lucid book is an easy and compulsive read.

The author is known for his fearlessness. Kevin Barrett Ph.D. has called him one of the world s foremost experts on the NWO and its crimes and conspiracies.

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